Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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I Will Crush Fru Ndi AT SDF Elective Convention – Nyamusa 

By Chris Mbunwe

He hails from Mbengwi in Momo Division in the Northwest Region. His name is Felix Teche Nyamusa, a freelance reporter and businessman. His political business venture; to beat John Fru Ndi, incumbent SDF National Chairman at the elective convention in April.

According to Teche Nyamusa, he has fulfilled all the conditions to run for primaries and compete with any other candidate for the SDF National chairmanship and eventually run for the presidential race. 

“I am not joking; I will crush Fru Ndi and give him a run for his money if he dares to stand for election in April. I have done all ground work to ensure that I beat him hands down, or any candidate to prove to the world that SDF is a democratic party,” Nyamusa declared at a conference in Bamenda recently. 

Stating that Fru Ndi is tired of running around both in ideas and strength, Nyamusa said it is time for the young people to take over from their parents.

“I am sourcing for funds to ensure that I criss-cross the nation, canvass for votes from the delegates from the other regions coming to Bamenda for the convention,” Nyamusa noted.

Re-echoing his stand for a two-state federation, Nyamusa said this was the dream of the architects of reunification; pioneer President Ahmadou Ahidjo and Prime Minister John Ngu Foncha;  “But my potential adversaries who may include outgoing SDF National Chairman John FruNdi, till date believe in non-historic, unfair, non-logical federation form for Cameroon. FruNdi waves between 10 states and a four-state federation; this clearly is an indication that Chairman FruNdi does not actually understand contemporary Cameroonians feelings.”

According to Nyamusa, a federal Cameroon of two equal status based on good governance will harm no one – Anglophone or Francophone, “unlike lazy persons of the stock of Biya who put fear in the minds of many Cameroonians that federalism is tantamount to separation.” Nyamusa argues that what can hold Cameroon together is good governance, democracy which does not see the leader/President as a super-rich person like Biya and many African dictators.  “In a democracy which Nyamusa totally subscribes to, the President of the republic is a servant on a debated and publicly known salary,” said Nyamusa.

Nyamusa told the press that he has been fighting corruption and will intensify the fight when he assumes power.

“I dragged President Paul Biya and the Minister of Communication IssaTchiroma to court in Mbengwi on non-respect of article 66 of the Cameroon Constitution which duels on declaration of assets of the President, his Ministers and other high profile civil servants upon assuming office…

“The Nyamusa campaign will not tolerate any nonsense that will enslave any Cameroonian,” said the SDF militant. He condemned the resignation of the SDF Secretary General, Prof. Elizabeth Tumasang.

Nyamusa accuses FruNdi of masterminding Prof.Tumasang’s departure from the party.

He said, “The constitutional change permitting Chairman FruNdi to appoint party Secretaries General and their assistants point to dictatorship which arrangement the Nyamusa chair, pending your votes, will change as a matter of urgency back to elective secretaries general.” 

While condemning ELECAM for incompetence, stating that when he takes over ELECAM will be replaced, Nyamusa says for now, Cameroonians should register massively to vote so as to oust President Biya.

To build a true and democratic system, Nyamusabelieves that replacing Biya is a matter of urgency because he has failed in winning the war against Boko Haram and is failing in solving the Anglophone Problem.