Sunday, May 26, 2019
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If the Mungo Bridges No More 

By Bouddih Adams

Slow, gentle, resourceful Mungo River
Bridged in yore times by the Germans
In nigh times serves the Frenchman
Thro frogs foisted by Britishers

Were the Mungo to bridge no more
Natural boundary would be sovereign
To distinguish distinct opposed cultures
Here Shakespearian, there Molierean

If the Mungo’s bridging efforts cease
Cease only t’would be, not collapse
Stay it would to bridge unbridgeables
But bridge Elizabethans and Gaulists

Were the Mungo to cease to bridge
Down river it would scour ridges
Of sleazy and slimy froggish attitudes
To becry our straight dovish attributes

If the Mungo ceases to bridge
Breach twill to cross sans papiers
And bring the crosser to justice
Common lawyer over civil crimes

Reckon the Mungo not to bridge
That it will be only just a bridge
Now seeking no more to bridge
For to bridge will be to breach

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