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Indecent Dressing As Showcase Of Moral Decadence 

By Nelen Tambe — Young girls of today have resorted to naked dressing in both the public and private milieu. This dressing habit is blamed on the imitation of what is termed fashion copied from the western world. Walking through the streets of Yaounde in the early hours of the afternoon of November 21, a girl was spotted with a pair of shot trousers above her laps with a handless blouse. The girl’s dressing attracted the eyes of everyone around.

When The Post asked one of the onlookers why he stared at the young girl, he said he was just shocked at what she wore. To him, the girl can be considered as a whore due to her dressing. Approached, with the reaction of people staring at her because of her dressing, the girl in question simply stated: “They can look but I don’t care. That is their problem. If what they are seeing is disturbing them, they should close their eyes.”

She revealed that she was from her house and was going to visit a friend, adding that she decided to dress that way because she is more relaxed in such attire. Another bystander said he liked the girl’s dressing and sees nothing wrong with it. This, he said, makes her look good and hot. He, however, advised parents and friends to caution girls to contextualise their dressing by knowing what to wear at what time and where.

This kind of dressing christened ‘DVD’ meaning in French; “Dos, Ventre Dehors” (in English; back, belly exposed) or VCD in French; “Ventre, Cuisse Dehors” (in English; belly, laps exposed), is rapidly gaining grounds in the country. Sometimes, girls are spotted on motorbikes, exposing their pants or “string” and their buttocks to the public. Some women have also joined the young girls in the DVD and VCD fashion. Some women are seen with transparent blouses with their body and breasts showing.

Talking about some of these women who are supposed to be role models to the young girls, a petty trader who gave her name only as Sidonie, said some women made dressing worthless.
“It is not by exposing your body that shows how sexy you are. There are other ways that a woman can be sexy even if she dresses decently,” Sidonie said. To her, this dressing erodes the dignity and respect of a woman.

“What advice can you give your girl child, when you dress like her? The mother has to be a perfect example to her child, if not, the young girl will only take after her mother and this might attract harassment and even rape,” the petty trader lamented. Sidonie, a mother of two girls, appealed women to change their dressing styles so that they will be good moral educators to their children. She also recommended that the Government should take strict measures on the type of dresses that come into the country.

Most schools’ and universities’ managements today have taken measures that can help promote decent dressing among the youth. In some universities, students are sent home if they do not abide by the dressing code. Some of the dresses refused in these universities are stripe less blouses and gowns, short skirts and gowns above the knee, torn trousers (commonly called “Destroy”), and shorts above the knee, just to name these.

According to a Campus Police official, Patrick Fonynuy, of the Yaounde University I, they were given the order since 2008 to send away any student that is poorly and indecently dressed. Fonynuy revealed that some students try to resist and fight them when they are sent away.
“We do not brutalise the students when they seem to oppose the order. Instead, we take them to the head office of the Campus Police found in the Rectorate, where sanctions are decided.

But, for now, no student has been taken to the campus police office as they always appeal,” Fonyuy said adding that sometimes when the students are sent out of the campus through the main gate, they go and enter through other openings that are found around the university. He however, averred that only few students go back home and change. Nonetheless, he Government has launched a national campaign against indecent dressing through the Minister of Women Empowerment and the Family, Marie-Therese Abena.

First published in The Post print edition no 01483

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