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Infighting, Anglophone Crisis Maintain Nfon Mukete As SWECC President 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Nfon Mukete

Chief Njombe Njoke, Presumptive Successor of Nfon Mukete

Infighting among traditional rulers of Fako and the lingering Anglophone Crisis have given Cameroon’s eldest Senator,Nfon V EMukete, a firm grip on the Southwest Chiefs’ Conference, SWECC,stool.
The Paramount ruler of the Bafaws is also enjoying a mandate prolongation as Meme Chiefs’Conference President.

Nfon Mukete’s Mandate at the helm of SWECC had long expired. A meeting that would have seen the putting in place of a new bureau headed by a Fako Chief inLimbe in 2017, ran into riots.

Confusion within the ranks of the Fako Chiefs as to who is the right choice to head SWECC forced the then Fako Senior Divisional Officer, SDO,George Zang III,to ban the meeting.

Since then the fractures in Fako are yet to be healed. In the wake of the infighting, a new development erupted suggesting that the SWECC stool could be shifted to Manyu, while Fako cleans its house.
This move earned a rebuttal from Some Fako Chiefs.

Months after Chief Johnson Njombe of Wokaka emerged on a contested ticked as the Fako candidate for SWECC. Njombe unilaterally declared himself SWECC President –elect.

Since then, there has been no reaction from Mukete-led executive.

Last December, both Nfon Mukete and Chief Njombe were part of a Regional administrative and Security Coordination meeting held at the Kumba City Council Chambers. The Post could not figure out if both traditional rules were invited in the name of their Chiefdoms or SWECC ticket.

Recent military and separatists activities in Manyu seem to have given the option of moving the stool to Manyu a decent burial. Officially, the Bafaw patriarch still occupies the SWECC presidency.
The turn of events prints an atmosphere that will not accommodate any general assembly of Southwest Chiefs anytime soon.

Meme Chiefs Postpone Election

At the level of Meme,Nfon Mukete still calls the shots. The present security situations directly involving even chiefs indicate that, the statesman may still keep the leadership of the Meme Chiefs for some time.

Nfon Mukete leads here on a ticket of Bafaw Chiefs. He may have handed over in December. But a meeting convened for an elective general assembly of Meme Chiefs on Wednesday December 6, 2017, ended in a fiasco.

Back then, traditional rulers rejected a verbal authorisation from the Meme Prefect’s cabinet to hold a meeting. On Friday January 19, another Elective General Assembly of the Meme Chiefs suffered an indefinite postponement.

The Post garnered that, Meme Chiefs’Conference Scribe, Chief Eseme Mbonji Etongwe, sent last minute text messages to his peers, announcing the indefinite postponement of the elective conclave.

It is reported that the current atmosphere in Meme triggered the indefinite postponement of the meeting.

Even at this, many see the delay as a blessing for the controversial Bakundu Chiefs’ Conference to put things in order and get a unique candidate to succeed the Nfon.

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