By Joe Dinga Pefok

An Israeli company, RADA Data Communications has said it is imperative to prepare users to meet future telecommunications and data delivery challenges. The company, which provides innovative voice and date access solutions for mobile and fixed line carriers, service providers and enterprises around the world, says this has to be done while also enabling the users to deal quickly and effectively with their immediate access requirements.

Israeli technology offering communication solutions

This is the mission that brought the Director (Sales Project Management) of RAD, David Varsono, and some of his collaborators to Cameroon. On February 17 in Douala, RAD and its partner in the Central Africa sub-region, ADSNET, jointly organised a free workshop for users as well as potential users of its technology.

The day-long seminar treated topics like: Carrier Ethernet Access; Cellular Backhaul, Optimisation, 2.5G, and 3G applications; Utilities and Transportation, ISP Providers, Large Corporate Applications. The seminar was said to be connected to the fact that RAD Data Communications "is imbued with a corporate philosophy that values long term cooperation with its customers and partners". 

Next Generation Network

One of the major attractions at the seminar was a book on RAD`s Satellite Bandwidth Optimisation Solutions. The Post gathered that the company’s bandwidth optimises transmission of voice, data and video over satellite.

Possible beneficiaries from RAD`s Satellite Bandwidth Optimisation Solutions include satellite service providers, maritime industry, oil and gas companies, construction and mining industry, military and government operations, disaster recovery, emergency aid and broadcasting companies. The company states that satellite communication is a lifeline in many areas of the world where wire line access or radio infrastructures do not exist or are not feasible.

"For a wide range of users, a satellite link is the only option for efficiently transporting voice, data and video traffic between remote locations and a communication centre. But RAD notes that satellite bandwidth is limited and connectivity is costly. "RAD Data Communications has a portfolio of field proven-satellite bandwidth optimisation solutions that provide efficient voice and multi-service access for stationary, portable and vehicle/vessel mounted satellite systems," Varsono explained.

He said  the telecommunications technology is one domain where there is regular innovation, stating for example that the new solutions which RAD  is now providing is comparatively of low cost and higher performance with past solutions. He, however, observed that there are still many people around with old models of mobile phones (legacy) although next generation networks are already in the market.
Nonetheless, he said the two have to co-exist.

"Although legacy and next generation will continue to co-exist for sometime to come, there is a clear trend towards packet-based, high bandwidth services. RADA Data Communications is uniquely qualified to accompany service providers and their customers through the migration to the next generation network". Meanwhile, the General Manager of ADSNET, Jean Gallo Jiotsa, told reporters that the activities of solution providers like RAD and its partner (ADSNET) are little known to the public, because they do not provide direct services to the public.

Solution providers for example, treat with mobile and land line telephone operators of companies, Internet providers, among others. Jiotsa noted that RAD Data Communications, which he said operates in six continents, is a preferred solutions provider to more then 100 operators around the world. Some of its clients are global leaders like Deutsche Telecom, France Telecom, Japan Telecom, Orange France, AT&T, Verizon, among others.