Thursday, November 15, 2018
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By Francis Tim Mbom — “It will be so disgraceful; a shame for us, to see an opposition Mayor receive President Biya, … when he comes for the Re-unification celebrations.” These were the words of the list leader for the CPDM Council list for the Tiko Municipal constituency, Chief Mesoso Ikome, on September 10, during a reconciliation forum at the Tiko Town Green Hall.

He was corroborated by the General Manager of the Cameroon Development Corporation, Frankline Ngoni Njie, who has been appointed as head of the CPDM Campaign Team for Tiko.
“Tiko is very lucky. We do not need to go far to see it for a non-CPDM Mayor would have been the one to stand at the Mungo Bridge to receive the Head of State…” he added.

It was the first gathering of the Tiko CPDM, since the Supreme Court ruling ordering ELECAM to accept the CPDM list for Tiko after the latter had, initially, denied its reception on grounds of a controversy over the meeting of the deadline. The CDC GM congratulated the CPDM leaders in Tiko for the feat of having fought, tooth and nail, to have the CPDM listed by the Supreme Court as a contestant in Tiko, even when popular   opinion had already written them off. “The real measurement of ones strength is the ability for one to stand up again when one falls,” Njie said.

“I would want to congratulate the actors of the Tiko CPDM on this wonderful manifestation of character,” Njie added. The Tiko gathering had been convened by the Fako IV Section (Tiko) President of the CPDM, Charles Eteki Dikongue, as a means to have all the leaders reconcile their differences and rally their militants, once more, into a single file as they prepare to start campaigning for the elections come September 15.

The selection of aspirants for the September 30 polls by the investiture committee, virtually left Tiko CPDM torn into three political camps: the Mesoso, Eteki and Tita Fonbom camp. The result was the detention of the Section President, Eteki, and the subsequent rejection by the Tiko ELECAM office of the CPDM list, for late coming.

In reaction to the outcome of the reconciliation, Njie, said: “I think it is profound and in good faith. The issue here is that the party has put up a list and each individual is supposed to subdue his own very legitimate ambition, goal and aspiration under that of the party,” Njie said.
To Mesoso: “It was a kind of reconciliation and if I share the view, it is because I saw that it was genuine. It was not flashy” Mesoso, the list leader said. He stated that the steps they have taken are ones that can bring them together and ensure that the CPDM wins in Tiko.

Charles Eteki, like other speakers, said, being list leader did not mean that the leader was automatically going to become the Mayor. “This is the time to stop backbiting and stabbing our friends. Let us forget about personal ambitions for now. Let us go, campaign and win the Tiko Council and the Parliamentary seat and, after that, we shall then go on to see who becomes Mayor,” Eteki said.

Outgoing CPDM Mayor, Tita Fonbom, whose name is not on the list of 41 aspirants, pleaded with the rest of them who failed to be listed, to still consider themselves as CPDM militants.
“If any one’s name is not on the list, it doesn’t mean that you have not been counted,” Mayor Tita said.

However, despite the calls for unity, Chief Ewang of Bwenga was not convinced. During a question and answer session, the Chief complained that the same old stories of how the future was going to be good if the CPDM should win Tiko have not changed ever since to date. 
“Is it today that the stories of a good future will change? I fear we risk having the same stories, even in 20 years to come, with no change,” the Chief said. But Eteki argued, telling the Chief that: “We will not make the same mistakes again.”

First published in The Post print edition no 01464

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