Oct 8, 2010

By Carine Bongadu

You go out with someone really cute, you guys have a wonderful evening and you return home to end the day in grand style. You guys start to make out, the clothes start to come off and suddenly one of you starts to freeze, why? Your underwear isn’t exactly what would turn someone on.

Underwear is something you should take time to choose because it can make or break a very crucial moment. It is easy to forget to look sexy, especially when you have been with someone for a while and you feel like you don’t need to impress that person anymore. When you get so relaxed in a relationship, it is quite possible that your partner would begin to think that he needs to look for something new, something different, something…exciting. You know that means trouble. There are several things you can do to keep the romance going and never boring but for now I will tell you about one – underwear.

A good number of people don’t really take time in picking underwear, men and women alike.  For most of people any color goes and the type does not really matter. I have news for you, you underwear is as important as the clothes you wear to work every day, especially when you are in a relationship.  Your underwear should be like a bonus treat for your partner when you take off your clothes.

Guys, women love to see you in neat underwear, preferably white. Personally, I love to see a guy in a white tank top (singlet) and white briefs (male pants), especially if he’s got biceps to show. Any other color is a big no-no. I would hate to see a guy take off his shirt and see he is wearing a red tank top. Same for the briefs. White is about the only colour that is really sexy for guys. If you a guy that prefers to wear boxers, you can get away with dark blue boxers.

You may also want to go with colourful but not too much as to be confused with a rainbow.  Stay away from black or brown. These colours scream “danger, danger, I am so dirty I need dark colours to hide the fact.” For gals, it is almost the opposite. The darker the colour, the better. Black is the trick to look very, very sexy.  White may be good – if you want to present yourself as Miss Prim and Proper.

Stay away from brown though.  Brown always makes you look dirty. For ladies, it is also very important to have an arsenal of sexy underwear. If you can get them in pairs, that is a bra and panty in a set, the better. It does not matter whether you are fat or not, all kinds of underwear exist in most sizes. If you are a plus size, you may just have to look harder than your slim sisters but, I assure you, you will find something sexy that is your size.

I also think that every woman should have at least one string panty in her wardrobe for … special occasions. Regardless of all these suggestions you have here, it is important to know what turns your partner on and to keep that in mind when you go shopping for underwear. People vary in their likes and dislikes and what may turn one person off would make another go ballistics.

I am in no way saying you should spend every waking moment of your life trying to look like a model for sexy underwear. What I am saying is you need to have some special underwear to surprise your partner every now and then. Not frequent enough to make it usual, just enough to keep your partner wondering and guessing when next you will treat him or her to something sexy.