Monday, June 17, 2019
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Ivory Coast: We can now stand up! 


Because they stole our creamy-white dignity?
Because they stole our yellow cocoa pods?
Because they stole our red coffee beans?

Because they smelt black gold around our shores?
Because they plundered our leaky treasury?
Because they raped our battered economy?
Because Bob Mugabe set the pace?
Because we are astute political Maradonas?

Because we have learnt to walk and fast?
Because we are black and proud?
Because we are the beautiful ones?
Because we are the strong breed?

Because we are god’s bits of wood?
Because Uhuru and Ujamaa are here and now?
Because we are the harbingers of black consciousness?
Because we are the Umkhonto we Siswe of the black race?

Because we are the exemplars of negritude?
Because we are the soul of a newfound renaissance?
Because we are the scions of a triple heritage?
Because we are descendants of a civilisation that takes root from Egypt ?

Because we are steeped in the tablets of the Koroukan Fougan?
Because their champagne party has come to an end?
Because the crass corrupt banditti has run for cover?
Because we watch opera Wonyosi?
 We are nationalists!
Because we are natives?
Because they are strangers?
Because they speak a language akin to the right?

Because we sing l’abidjanais like le Marseillais?
Because we poke our little fingers at Charlemagne?
Because Elysée belongs to the right?
Because Boigny did not belong to the school of seeing things clearly?

Because we see conspiracy everywhere?
Because we pay lip service to Sankara, Lumumba, Cabral and Nkrumah?
Because we cut deals at night with the west?
Because we spend a few nights and days with damsels of the West?

Because we cry tragic victims?
Because our siblings are in cosy, secure confines in the west?
Because we are oblivious of the cases of misery and kwashiorkor at Aboubou?
Because we can harangue, harangue and harangue?

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