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Jakiri: Stolen Gendarme Gun Recovered After Nwerong’s Intervention 

By Nform Willibroad B. Nformi & Andrew Nsoseka


The gun that was reportedly stolen from a gendarme officer who was shot in Jakiri by unknown men has been recovered after the intervention of the Nso traditional society, Nwerong.

Following the shooting of the gendarme officer in Jakiri on Monday, November 6, and the theft of his gun, the Nso Palace, through the Nwerong, facilitated the recovering of the missing weapon, after appealing to its keeper(s).

According to reports, the gendarme, who was one of those who came to disperse a group said to have been preventing Government Technical High School, GTHS, students from going to school, pursued the group and was killed and his gun confiscated.

The incident led to the militarisation of Jakiri, with a looming crackdown on the population eminent, as Government authorities ordered that the gun be returned within 48 hours. While the military men carried on with the search, the population scampered into bushes and neighbouring villages, for fear of a hostile military crackdown. They feared that the situation where the military usually breaks into homes, arrests, loots and maim inhabitants was about to happen in Jakiri.

Mass Exodus

There was mass exodus of male residents from Jakiri following the killing and the theft of the gun, for fear of a military crackdown. A huge number of men – young and old – could be seen leaving the locality on motorbikes or on foot as the day was a ‘ghost town’ day. With military reinforcement, even the villages in the outskirts of Jakiri like Mantum and Vekovi were visited by the forces.

It would be recalled that some unidentified persons had, over the weekend, burnt down the administrative block and library of GBHS Jakiri. The attack in GTHS Jakiri was just a continuation of the organised arson on school structures.

Nso Palace Plea Heard, Respected

The search mission for the gun, however, seemed futile, until the Paramount Fon of Nso, Sehm Mbinglo intervened, through the Nwerong Secret Society, by making a public outing and appealing that the gun be returned.

On Tuesday, the Nwerong took to the Kimbo Market, on the instruction of the Fon, where they announced that whoever is keeping the gun belonging to gendarmes should return it before the remaining 24 hour deadline expires.

After the outing of the Nwerong, the gun was reportedly dropped at the premises of the Melim Catholic Church, another village faraway from Jakiri where it was stolen. Reports hold that the gun was discovered in the early hours of November 8, when Christians were going for the morning mass.

Following the recovery of the owed to Nwerong’s clarion call, the social media seized the opportunity to urge the Nwerong Secret Society, to also make a similar call for the Government, to stop the killing of civilians and engage in meaningful dialogue.

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