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Jamail Carlton Releases Maiden Album 

By Walter Wilson Nana

He has been in the business of show for eighteen years. So far, the efforts of Jamail Carlton, born Pascal Eta Egbe has yielded to his first album, christened One Heart, One Soul.  In the eight-track-album, the reggae artist has a message for a visionary. "There will be challenges on his way, but he should belief in himself and the vision he has.

Jamail: Using reggae to communicate spirituality

All what it takes to realise the vision is in that person. Let the distractions of the world not derail him," he said. Carlton said people should hold on to their dreams for it will come to pass. The singer found in reggae music a smooth channel of communication with his fans. "It is a rhythm that comes with a strong feeling of spirituality.

The singer gets the revelation from Jah (God) and takes it over to the people via his voice and the instruments. People do not only dance to the reggae rhythm, they listen to the message and it is this message that transforms the people," he explained.Carlton expressed confidence that the feedback from his music is realistic, noting that the changes he expects to see in the world will certainly come to fruition.

According to Carlton, his music is not only intended to please the public, he wants to be part of the solution to the many problems plaguing his society thanks to his music. "I come with what the people need. I give to the people what I take from Jah," he added. While Carlton is looking forward to a producer to join him in this venture, he is the one feeding his music and not the music putting bread and butter on his table. However, he is not dampened in spirit; "I am hoping that one day, I will be reaping from what I have sown," he said.

Though piracy is a sore in the Cameroonian music landscape, the reggae artist is upbeat about the future. "Music to me is a calling from God. He who has called me has something for me. I am looking at the vision I have and not the worries about piracy. I am interested in the change I so desire and perceive. I am interested in the legacy I intend to leave behind as my own contribution to the world."

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