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Kah Walla, Others Charged With Rebellion 

By Yerima Kini Nsom & Nformi Sonde Kinsai“Stand Up For Cameroon” Opposition Coalition Leaders Strategising

Over a dozen members of the opposition Cameroon People’s Party, CPP and of Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM, who were arrested in the morning of April 8, have been charged with rebellion and inciting an insurrection through “Stand for Cameroon” campaign activities.

Members of the two parties as well as those of UPC – the faithful and UNIVERSE party had launched the campaign at a meeting of the party leaders in Yaounde. The said initiative was programmed to be presented to the media at a press conference at the CRM headquarters in Odzoa Yaounde on March 29, but it was brutally prohibited by troops and the Yaounde IV Subdivisional administration.

The leaders had told the press in the midst of the confrontation that they were launching public demonstrations against the planned revision of the Constitution for President Paul Biya to call early Presidential election in which he would be a candidate; request for regular and clean drinking water and the need for proper healthcare to be provided to all Cameroonians.

So, the April 8 outing all in black by members of the parties was a logical implementation of the plan.

In a narration on her facebook page, one of the demonstrators, Bergeline Domou, narrated that herself, alongside the Chair of CPP, Edith Kah Walla, and ten others were arrested as they put on black dresses in protest against the modification of the Constitution.

An independent source told The Post that the demonstrators were picked up around the Biyem-Assi Acasia neighbourhood by armed anti-riot police officers who confronted them as they were distributing tracts to the population.

Domou said they were taken to the Regional Inspectorate of Judicial Police where they were told that they would be kept in detention for at least 48 hours. “The police Commissioner of that unit told us that we are accused of rebellion, inciting insurrection and revolt.” She said their statements were recorded; pictures, finger prints, their various heights, sizes and other basic information were also taken.

According to Domou, after the interrogation, their identity cards, phones and handbags that were confiscated, were handed back to them. All of them were then asked to each indicate the neighbourhood in which they are living. She said immediately one indicated the neighbourhood, he or she was put into a police van and taken home. “Some of us said no to their cars,” she stated.

Maintaining that she and her comrades who were arrested and later freed are still pondering over who was behind their arrest. She said what baffled her much are the charges of rebellion, incitation of insurrection and revolt leveled against them.

Domou attributed their release earlier than the 48 promised to actions undertaken through the social media, radio and TV news flashes and telephone calls that brought unbearable pressure on the authorities. He hailed Cameroonians who had the courage to come and look for them at the Police Station; those who brought along food, fruits and water as well as some lawyers who came to assist them.

For quite a very long time, administrators in all the towns of Cameroon have been instructed not to allow opposition political parties and members of civil society organisations hold public demonstrations, whatever the reason.

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