Friday, October 30, 2020
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Kid Claims To Heal All Diseases 

By Germaine Shuri*

A ten-year-old boy in Mokolo Market, Yaounde, fondly called “petit Jesus”, claims to have healing powers and can heal all sicknesses. The boy, whose real name The Post could not readily get, claims to heal people of all diseases. “Petit Jesus” or “Docta” as he is fondly called by traders in Mokolo, has been frequenting the market recently claiming to be a healer.

Dressed in red and white garments, ‘Petit Jesus’ moves around barefoot, with dirty bottles containing palm kernel oil and honey, which he claims is a solution to all diseases. He said, he does not charge his patients but asks them to give whatever they have, irrespective of the illness.

While preparing concoctions for his patients, he chants in strange tongues. This usually pulls crowds of people, who laugh at the incantations coming from the little boy. However, The Post learned that some people go to this boy for treatment. Many others, nonetheless, say he is a fake healer.

One Maman Nchuente, a professed Christian, argues against ‘Petit Jesus’ claim that Jesus Christ is dead and gone and that he has been sent to continue from where he ended.
Other traders say they do not believe he is real because they constantly see him in game houses after presumed healings.

It is alleged that the money collected from desperate people is spent on gambling.
However, the number of people he is said to have healed is unknown. While the kid has kept his background and identity a mystery, some people say he was previously located at Mangier Quarter where he was chased away because of the same practice.

*(UB Student On Internship)