Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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Kids Behave Better When Given Food To Chew Rather Than Bite 

Are your children out of control? Maybe take a look at what kind of chicken you’re feeding them. Why? Because kids eating chicken on the bone are twice as aggressive as those eating chicken cut in pieces, according to a new Cornell University study.
In fact, any food children have to bite into with their two front teeth; from corn on the cob to sliced melon or whole apples; may be linked to kiddy misbehavior. 
"Because biting requires them to risorius, the same muscle used in a grimace of aggression, children may be more likely to perceive themselves as being aggressed, which leads them to behave aggressively," writes Professor Brian Wansink, PhD, in the April edition of Eating Behaviours.
The researchers studied children ages 6 to 10 last summer in two groups for a study called Biting versus Chewing: Eating Style and Social Aggression in Children. The children ate chicken drumsticks and cut-up chicken on two separate occasions at summer camp, then two Counsellors who were not on the research team rated the level of aggression displayed in the kids’ postprandial activity.
"Since biting food appears to increase activity level, aggression and noncompliance, it may not be wise to serve young children chicken wings shortly before bedtime, or to serve steak and corn-on-the-cob in the company of dinner guests."
Bottom line: Serve kids bit-size pieces and they may behave better.


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