Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Kondengui Gates Open Up For Lifanda 

Former Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council, Samuel Ebaima Lifanda was effectively admitted to the Kondengui Maximum Security prison in Yaounde, on Wednesday, June 10.

Charged with embezzling public funds, Mr. Lifanda shall be the unwilling guest of this jail house for at least months, pending investigations.

Lifanda had been summoned by the Special Criminal Court alongside Casmir Nyime Lyonga and Priso Simon Mokosa, the Council’s former Chiefs of Service of Urban Affairs and Urbanism respectively.

Lifanda’s crime is to have allegedly embezzled circa FCFA 160 million during his tenure of office. Lyonga and Mokosa are equally accused of financial impropriety.

Equally summoned to the special tribunal as a witness in the matter, was Lifanda’s successor and serving Delegate, Andrew Monjimba Motanga. Motanga served as Chairman of the Limbe I Council when Lifanda was Delegate and is known to have spear-headed a campaign that culminated in a no confidence vote against Lifanda.

The now arrested Lifanda had then resorted to pulling political strings at the level of Yaounde, culminating in the dissenting Councillors being conveniently appeased in order for the ruling party dirty linen to be washed from within the house.

An imminent impeachment was crushed at the time on the assertion that the vote had no legal force, given as it were, that Lifanda was an appointed as opposed to an elected official.

This was some seven years back.
Before his admission into Kondengui on Wednesday, June 10, the former Government Delegate had been to Yaounde on several occasions to help out in investigations.

A few denizens of Limbe town contacted on phone by this Reporter were rather surprised with the sudden turnaround of events.

At least one respondent who thought that the matter had been in abeyance for rather too long, said he had been suspecting a calculated move to let the suspect off the hook. Another one saw what he referred to as Lifanda’s belated arrest as the machinery of the Biya Government that grinds slowly but surely.

According to him, this was a clear warning signal to embezzlers of public funds and other potential treasury looters.