Friday, October 30, 2020
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Kumba City Council Rejects Minister’s Gift 

By Maxcel Fokwen
The Kumba City Council, KCC, has returned the gift of ‘Director of Urban Development’ which the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Jean Claude Mbuentchou, offered to the metropolis following controversies over the staff’s output.

A few years back, Alima Nsom, a staff in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development was appointed to the City Council as Director of Urban Development from Yaounde to help the Government Delegate realise his vision for the City.
Yet as the Grand Councillors settled on April 17 to review the administrative and management accounts of the Council, the whereabouts of the Director of Urban Development came to the floor.

Kumba III Councillor, John Kona Makia, raised the concern. The Mayor said the Councillors needed clarification on what happened to the city development staff, which was presented to the Board sometimes back.

Makia’s observation came following a deliberation from the City Council to a sworn surveyor for the municipality.
Setting the record straight, the Government Delegate, Victor Nkelle Ngoh, said he did not intend to discuss the issue.
Ngoh said Nsom’s curriculum vitae and the certificates he presented with his output on the field are conflicting.
Ngoh Nkelle said the Director of Urban Development could not even draw a site plan.

“Every other person would have fallen prey to the impressive outlook of Nsom’s profile on paper,” Ngoh regretted that the output on the field was contrary to expectations.

The Government Delegate said with such stalemate, he wrote back to the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, indicating the stand of the City Council regarding the said staff.