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Kumba Elite Lobby For Extension Of Muea-Kumba Road 

By Olive Ejang Tebug Ngoh

The Paramount ruler of the Bafaws has led a delegation of Kumba elite to PM Ephraim Inoni to lobby for the extension of the Muea-Kumba Road.

Nfon V E Mukete and his delegation, which included the former Government to the defunct Kumba Urban Council and the new City Council Government Delegate, appealed to the PM that the road under construction be extended to Kumba Town Green. This was revealed at a press conference organised by the former Government Delegate, Caven Nnoko Mbele, on March 3.

He said the decision to see Inoni came up during a preparatory meeting ahead of the installation of the new Government Delegate, Victor Nkele Ngoh.Nnoko explained that, during the meeting, the issue of the on going construction of Muea-Kumba road to end at Kumba Mbeng, about 2 km from Town Green, came up. He said Zangbwala advised the DO for Kumba I to set up a delegation of Kumba elite to see Inoni and appeal for the road to be extended to the Town Green.

The delegation to Yaounde, The Post learnt, also comprised of the Paramount Ruler of the Bakundus, the Mayors for Kumba I, II and III Councils, the Special Adviser to the Prime Minister, Bertha Ndoh among other prominent Kumba elite. Nnoko said the Nfon pleaded with the PM that if the road is extended to Town Green, it would cause a new reawakening of the spirit of unity by the population.

Following the appeal, Nnoko said, Inoni assured them that the road would be done and, that, finances are being sort for it. According to Nnoko, they had another audience with the Minister of Public Works where Nfon Mukete equally pleaded for the tarring of the additional 2 km of road. Nnoko announced that, the Minister told them that they are waiting for studies to be completed and the construction companies would be instructed to extend the road to Town Green.

Nnoko disclosed that, their last stop was at the Minister of Urban Development and Housing, Clobert Tchatat, who told them of an FCFA 8 billion project envisaged for some cities in the country. He said Tchatat promised to include Kumba with its 800,000 inhabitants to also benefit from the project. He said the Minister told them of plans to send HYSACAM to Kumba to ensure the cleanliness of the town. Nnoko expressed joy that Kumba will soon regain position as one of the leading cities in Cameroon.

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