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Kumbo-Mbiame Artery Dream Comes True 

By Peter Adi Fonte — For those who have travelled from Kumbo to Mbiame, either for a visit or as traders to that fertile land, the road has been a source of scourge for them for their personal convenience and evacuation of food stuff. 
When the Prime Minister and Head of Government, Yang Philemon, during the celebration of the 28th Anniversary of the foundation of the CPDM Party in the Bui Party Secretariat Kumbo on March 24, 2014 announced that construction work on the Kumbo-Mbiame road which has been a scourge for many years will soon start, many people like Thomas were waiting for the day it will happen. 
The presence of road equipment of Upper Noun Development Authority, UNVDA, on that road like graders, front head loaders and compactor since the April18, 2014 has been a source of consolation and inspiration to the people of Mbiame. According to a representative of UNVDA at the jobsite, work on the 26km stretch of road is expected to take a period of four months but they are bent on executing the job in less than the four months deadline. The project estimated at FCFA150 million has been financed by the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development.
The construction work will be controlled by the MINEPAT, Public Contracts and Public Works while the job will be executed by UNDVA Ndop, who are no novice in that field. The arrival of the UNDVA road equipment to Mbiame accompanied by the Divisional Delegates of MINEPAT, MINMAP and Public Works Bui, to pay a courtesy call on the Divisional Officer for Mbven and the Mayor of Mbiame Council was highly acclaimed by the inhabitants of Mbiame in Mbven Subdivision.

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