Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Kumbo Strikers Fans Go Wild after Loss to PWD Bamenda 

By Basil Afoni

Kumbo Strikers

Kumbo Strikers

After witnessing their beloved club bundled out of the Northwest Mini Interpools tournament on November 4, a number of angry fans of Kumbo Strikers went wild at the Bamenda Municipal Stadium.

Moments after referee Moses Afah blew his whistle to end the game which saw PWD Bamenda aka Abakwa Boys dump Kumbo Strikers out of the competition with a 1-0 spanking, disappointed Kumbo Strikers fans threw their hands in the air in despair wondering when the club would make them proud again by bringing home an elite league ticket after waiting for more than a decade.

Knowing the aftermaths of the PWD-Kumbo Strikers encounters, forces of law and order were deployed. This however did not stop the Kumbo Strikers supporters that came in their numbers from going wild.

According to the supporters, the match officials were responsible for their team’s elimination at the quarter-finals of the tournament. They accused them of officiating in favour of the home side as two of their penalty appeals were not granted.

They targeted the central referee, Moses Afah ,who took to his heels seeking protection from the police.

Failing to get their targets, Kumbo Strikers fans then engaged in a stone battle with PWD Bamenda supporters.

There has always been a historical battle between supporters of both clubs that usually end out of the stadium.

This is the fourth time this year that both teams have met. They met during the Northwest Cup of Cameroon final and also twice during the group stage. Out of the four meetings, it was Kumbo Strikers that won two, drew one before bowing to the legendary PWD of Bamenda at the finals of the Northwest Mini Interpools.