This was revealed in a workshop the officials of the Regional Bureau had with journalists in Bamenda, February 5. The Technical Adviser at the Regional Bureau of the International Labour office for Central Africa, El Housseynou Ly, told journalists that due to the vulnerability of the three communities, a project known as the Technical Cooperation Resource Allocation Mechanism, TC-RAM projects, was conceived.

According to Housseynou, the TC-RAM project, which is financed by the government of the Netherlands to last until March 31, 2010, is aimed at reducing poverty within communities vulnerable to child trafficking through the promotion of decent work. He added that there are nine of such projects around the world.

In her presentation at the workshop, the national expert in the fight against child labour, Evelyn Ndipondjou, said the project will work closely with the councils of Kumbo, Wum and Bali.  She said the project, which has already taken off, has three specific themes which include the fight against child labour, local economic development and development of Mbororo communities in the three councils. Other multidisciplinary themes of the project, according to Ndipondjou, are gender, HIV/AIDS, environment, good governance and food security.

Ndipondjou said beneficiaries of the project include executive and municipal technical services within target councils, families which are victims of or vulnerable to poverty and child trafficking, especially indigenous peoples and tribes, and partners involved in the execution of the project such as NGOs, consultancy firms and professional institutions etc.

Some f the project activities, going by Evelyne Ndipondjou, include formulating and producing a directory of the economic potentials and business opportunities within each target locality; formulating training modules on child trafficking, organizing training of trainers workshops; carrying out advocacy and sensitization on child trafficking in primary schools and supporting councils in formulating development plans.