Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Labour Ministry ‘Scams’ Delegates Over Anglophone Crisis 

By Maxcel Fokwen
Special intervention funds which the hierarchy of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security promised Regional and Divisional Delegates to cushion the effects of the Anglophone Crisis on the ambiance of the International Labour Day in 2017 never came to fruition, The Post has learnt.
The information filtered to the public space as participants questioned Meme Divisional Delegate of Labour and Social Security, Peter Ndeley, on Thursday, April 5.

It was the first preparatory meeting for the 2018 edition and participants asked his Ministry’s contribution to the event.
According to participants, the ongoing Anglophone Crisis has dealt a severe blow on their enterprises.
They said it is difficult for them to contribute towards the International Labour Day like in the days before the Crisis erupted.

The Delegate told the participants that in 2017, the chain of command of the Ministry was posted on the fact that the social pressures in the Anglophone Regions were a hindrance to the mobilisation of funds .
He furthered that the same notification indicated that Regional and Divisional collaborators of the Ministry “had to put hands elsewhere” for a successful celebration.
Ndeley disclosed amid reservation that back then, the hierarchy of the Ministry promised to support Divisional and Regional Delegations with FCFA 500,000 and FCFA 1 million respectively, but admitted that “ at the end of the day, this was not realised”.

He said that was the good intention of the Ministry. He furthered that, he could not explain beyond as to what happened that the promise was never realised. He disclosed that Meme Division could raise only FCFA 1.875 million for the event in 2017.
Security, Financial Concerns
Security and financial concerns dominated deliberations at the meeting. It culminated in the setting up of committees to galvanise resources for the event.

According to the Delegate, prayers for a peaceful celebration are needed as Meme battles to pick steam for the event.
Ndeley urged participants to believe God for a miracle to have a successful event in Kumba, despite the persisting challenges.
On aspects to manage guest at a banquet expected to hold after field manifestations, the delegate said “the contingent of security forces may be an embarrassment if they should infiltrate the area”.
Ndeley’s reaction was premised on calls for heightened security at every level of the event. The Delegate, however, noted that the appropriate quarters would take needed security dispositions.

George Musima Lobe, Mayor of Konye, expressed fear that if stringent measures are not put in place, participants from Mbonge and Konye Subdivisions risk not being able to take part in the event.
Musima averred that people should not give a general impression that once the three Subdivisions that make up metropolitan Kumba “are breathing, Meme Division is fine”.

Hermia Njonje, Second Assistant Prefect for Meme, who presided over the meeting, summoned participants to harness their ability for a successful 2018 Labour Day celebration in Meme Division.