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Late Brigitte Motanga Interred 

By Francis Tim Mbom

The remains of Brigitte Bissa Motanga, wife of the Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council, Andrew Motanga, were Saturday, April 9, laid to rest at the Motanga family home in Mokundange.

Brigitte Motanga died in a fatal car crash in the night of Wednesday, March 16.
Mrs. Motanga was interred at about 2 p.m as her husband, five children, relations and mourners watched.

In his homily, Rev. Gustaff Ekwango Efange of the Presbyterian Church, Mokundange, said Brigitte’s death shook the very foundations of the Motanga and Bissa families.
Rev. Efange urged the Motanga family and loved ones to have faith and hope in God, because when foundations shake and the lives of loved ones crumble, one should not lose faith but should hope in God

“Jesus says if you put your hands around me, I will give you security,” Efange said and called on the Motanga and Bissa families to exercise self-control and continue trusting in God.
Motanga thanked all who turned out to condole with him and give him, his kids and close relations the necessary comfort.

He recalled that the last time he was with the wife was at the Douala Airport where she had escorted him on his way to Britain. Two days after, he was confronted with the news of the death of his beloved wife. “Bri, you were my better half. Words can’t just express the grief I feel for your loss. It is so sad I will never hear you call me “chief” anymore,” Motanga lamented.

Charles, the first son, had this to say: “How I wish I could turn back the hands of the clock so that you could live again…You were an embodiment of a good woman so I strongly believe that the Good Lord will certainly reserve a place for you in his bosom.”

The last of her daughters, Eposi Joline aka Popo, had this for her mother: “Life is like a wind which blows over the earth…It has blown my mother out of the surface of the earth. But I know that sorrow might last for the night and joy comes in the morning. May your soul abide with the Almighty.”

Amongst to give Brigitte the last honours, were former Prime Ministers; Peter Mafany and Chief Ephraim Inoni; Southwest, Littoral and South Governors; Koumpa Issa, Francis Fai Yango and Marcellin Ndjaga, former Governors; Louis Eyeya Zanga, Peter Oben Ashu, former Fako SDO, Okalia Bilai, and the Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council, Victor Nkelle Ngoh, former Limbe Government Delegate, Samuel Ebiama Lifanda, Mayors Charles Mbella Moki, Daniel Matute, Duncan Molindo and Samuel Mokate.


Late Brigitte was born on July 2, 1964, in Sangmelima, South Region to Victor Effa’a Adjomo and Lydie Mbo’o Ngane. She began her elementary school in the D’elom Government Primary School. But she will get her FSLC but from the Mintyae Minyioumin Protestant School. She attended a series of secondary schools but she finally got her secondary and high school certificates from College Nlate Medjo.

She then moved to Bangante in the West Region, where she stayed with one of her cousins. And this is where she met her husband, Andrew Motanga. They were later blessed with three girls and two boys. Mrs. Motanga was said to have been an industrious business woman and was the proprietor of the Musango Bus Service and other businesses.

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