Monday, September 28, 2020
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Lawyer, Others Interrogated Over Assassination Of Police Superintendent 

By Maxcel Fokwen

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Security and legal authorities in Kumba, Southwest Region, have reportedly questioned Barrister Henry Njeck Teboh and two others, as part of on-going investigations on the assassination of a Police Superintendent in Kumba on July 8.

The Police Superintendent, whose names The Post got only as Tsimi, was reportedly shot dead in the Buea Road neighbourhood around CCAS Junction. Reports hold that the incident happened around 9.00pm that Sunday.

Unknown men are reported to have stormed the neighbourhood and attacked the Superintendent. He was reportedly returning home from duty when the assailants struck.

Another report holds that the Police Chief was relaxing with friends in the said neighbourhood where he resides, when the attackers surfaced.

Barrister Njeck is said to be a friend of the deceased. Both are said to be members of a veteran football club in Kumba. Accounts which The Post could not independently confirm, hold that the man-of-law was in the company of the Police Superintendent when the attack took place.

Same is said of the two other persons who have also been questioned over the same issue. As at the evening hours of July 10, the trio was reportedly still giving their statements at the appropriate quarters.

Meme lawyers were reportedly fronting to see if their colleague could be allowed to go home. Unconfirmed reports indicate that the lawyer was remanded into custody alongside those questioned.

A cross-section of city dwellers has condemned the attack on the police officer. Some have even cursed the assassins for reportedly killing the officer. Some city dwellers argue that no one has the right to take away the life of another human being, no matter the issue at hand.

In the face of investigations to uncover the attack on the Police Superintendent, the Meme administration is yet to issue any public statement.

Tsimi was attached to the Kumba Central Police Station. The four-star officer was known to socialise with people across the metropolis.

As at press time, the lawyer and the other two persons questioned by the forces of law and order, were still in police custody.