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Lawyers Must Fear God To Shun Corruption – Barrister Okang 

Interviewed by Marceline Chick

Barrister Cynthia Akueya Okang is one of the lawyers who were recently sworn into the Cameroon Bar. During her swearing-in ceremony in Kumba, she advised her colleagues to work with the fear of God in mind in order to fight corruption in the country. Read on…

You were recently sworn in as a barrister at law, what were your impressions?

Well, I had always dreamt of becoming a lawyer and I worked hard to realise this dream. I was extremely happy.

What were the hurdles you faced in the course of achieving your dream?

The challenges of hard work, financial constraints, criticisms and discouragement. But, I relied on God and He saw me through.

You have a spiritual ministry as a pastor’s wife. How do you intend to succeed in a society plagued by corruption?

The secret is the fear of the Lord. Being a pastor’s wife, the Lord has honoured me with a dual function. Working as a barriste, is a new office the Lord has called me into. So, I will submit myself to the will of God and serve the community diligently.

How do you intend to blend your function as a lawyer, a pastor’s wife and as a mother?

I aspire to become a role model in the society. I am going to function as a spiritual leader when necessary, a lawyer when applicable and a mother at home. I will judiciously arrange my time because I took an oath to serve the community with integrity. I must put this to practice. I will work as a servant to the people in the vineyard of Christ and respecting our moral code of ethics.

What advice do you have for your colleagues?

My advice is for them to stand firm and rely on God because with him all things are possible. Firstly, they should make Christ their centre of focus. Secondly, they should set goals and determine to achieve them. Thirdly, they should be hard working, efficient and successful to render qualitative services.

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