Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Leave SDF Alone! Fru Ndi Tells Detractors 

By Chris Mbunwe

Fru Ndi, SDF Nation Chair

Social Democratic Front, SDF, National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, has told those fronting for Ambazonians and the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC, thereby attacking his person and the SDF to restrain, before it is too late.

Fru Ndi was addressing a curious crowd that welcomed him at his Ntarinkon residence on Tuesday July 11, from a one-month leave, a period during which he is said to have carried out a thorough medical check.

Presenting his health bill, Fru Ndi said, at Bangalo Hospital in India, medical doctors were amazed that, at 76, he was still acrobatic like a man in his early 50s.

“I was then sent under grilling health machines I have never seen before, and after all of this, I was told all my organs were intact. I thank the National Executive members of the SDF who pressed on me to go on leave and rest. Their contributions and those of my children, biological and those I brought up, in one way or the other, helped me to foot the bill.

I will advise those who can afford the finances to, once in five years, go for this thorough scanning, because, when you are above 60, the organs start shrinking from inside and outside and anything can happen anywhere at any time.”

He said he was happy to be back home to continue with the struggle until the party takes over power from the Biya regime that has virtually collapsed.

The SDF Chair regretted that, while away from home, there was so much literature on him, especially scatting attacks on social media postings on the SDF.

“Most of those people attacking my person and the SDF are fellows I have toiled for and their reasons are only known to them. These are ingrates,” Fru Ndi stated.

He said, if a group of people sit far away from Cameroon and are talking of forming a Government without concerting with anyone back home; where does the SDF party or himself come in and what they think they can best do is to insult him.

“Please, let them not take the SDF for granted. I have never attacked Ambazonians or SCNC, so, what is their business with SDF. They should watch out!” Fru Ndi warned.

Talking about alleged unknown people planning to burn his residence because he did not pull-out SDF MPs from the National Assembly, Fru Ndi said SDF went to Parliament as a way of taking the fight from the streets to the floor of the National Assembly.

This, he said, was because Cameroonians [especially SDF militants] have been shot and killed as they undertook any street demonstration from May 26, 1990, when the SDF was launched. He challenged what he termed the so-called leaders who are firing from abroad to muster courage and come home.

“I have never taken a decision that has to touch on the lives of the people alone. How can somebody sit abroad and orders for schools not to go, for businesses to remain closed, when he does not know the pains the people have gone through for the past eight months, The Biafran -Nigerian war failed because Ojukwo took decisions alone, he averred.

Fru Ndi assured SDF militants that the next NEC meeting will define the way forward for Anglophones and Cameroonians as a whole.

To those advocating for war, Fru Ndi said a General that can be respected is he who gives instructions from the war front, not from a distance.

“The so-called generals cannot operate a gun, but you hear them calling for war,” he observed.

He expressed indignation at some of the people in the Diaspora who claim the SDF has not done anything.

“It beats my imagination, because, results are there. Before 1990, could any of them express himself freely? Today, you can write and talk even irresponsibly.

Come to NEC meetings and watch incisive debates, get SDF MPs articulate in parliament and at international fora. It is the SDF that started unearthing corruption in Cameroon, following the ‘Mounchinpou Gate.’

Today, the Head of State who asked for proofs 25 years ago has sent a full cabinet of his former Ministers to jail.

Who fought for bio-metric elections? We shall continue on the path of a free election by holding this regime to institute a single ballot paper and all what it takes for free, fair and transparent elections in Cameroon.

These fellows who are insulting my person and the party today are supposed to duff their hearts to us for carrying this country up to where we are in all frustration from the Biya dictatorial regime.