Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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Lebialem To Get Wildlife Sanctuary 

By Elvis Tah

The Environment and Rural Development Foundation, ERUDEF, an NGO, on Conservation based in Buea, is poised to create a wildlife sanctuary in Lebialem Division, Southwest Region.
According to the CEO of ERUDEF, Louis Nkembi, the NGO, has ended the first phase of its programme and is looking forward to breaking new grounds.

ERUDEF CEO and seminar participants

"We had a long term programme for the conservation of gorillas. We have come to the end of the first phase of the programme and right now, we have to generate new projects," the CEO said. Nkembi was speaking at the end of a seminar to drill staff of NGOs and graduates, on the Ethics, Dynamics and Politics of Fund Raising.

The CEO pointed out that, ERUDEF has a couple of key projects which they will submit to their partners and other sources for funding. "We are also looking forward to creating an institute of Biodiversity studies, running an annual ten-day course on teacher’s education on conservation, as  from next year, and above all, creating a corridor linking the Mundemba forest reserves," he pledged.

He adds: "Some of our areas of focus include Cross River Gorilla Research and Conservation, Education and Livelihood Sustenance for the local people; the rights for women and development of mechanism to generate funds for alternative livelihoods in local communities."
Quizzed on the correlation between climate change and fundraising, he said, climate change is an aspect of conservation.

"We are teaching the participants how to raise funds to support programmes in conservation or development. Climate change cuts across development and conservation and is a key issue which has not been tackled by the government, reasons why it is an issue in our programme development," Nkembi said. ERUDEF partners include Fauna and Flora International in UK, TuskTrust in UK and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

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