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Les Brasseries Brings The Juicy Orangina To Cameroon 

The leading brewing company in Cameroon, Societe Anonyme des Brasseries du Cameroun, SABC, has once more added another international brand to its list of products, by bringing to the country a fantastic soft or non alcoholic drink, Orangina. Orangina has been described by the brand owners as being “pulpy, juicy and zesty”. Orangina has no artificial flavour or colours, but orange. Orangina has a beautiful plastic container, and is in a pack of 12 in a small, portable and well designed carton. 

An exhition of Orangina at the occasion

Orangina is the brand product of Orangina/Schweppes International, with headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and whose mother company is Sovtory, in Japan. But Orangina has its origin in Africa. The Area Director of Africa at Orangina/Schweppes International, Ichem Zaher, told The Post in a chat on November 25, that Orangina was first produced in Algeria, way back in 1936, when the country was still under French rule.

The Area Director made the disclosure at a colouful event which took place at the ‘Cabaret Anzouer Village’ at Ndong-Bong, Douala, in the evening of that November 25, to formally launch Orangina in Cameroon. Zaher stated that SABC has been given the franchise by the brand owner, Orangina / Schweppes International, to produce or brew Orangina in Cameroon.

“I am happy to work with Les Brasseries du Cameroun, which is a big and reputable company,” he stated.  The Area Director said current statistics show that the Cameroon market handles some 200 million litres of soft drinks a year. He said their target will be to see that Orangina gets 10 percent of the market of non alcoholic drinks in Cameroon.

“Shake It, Drink It, Pulp It”

Meanwhile, the launching of Orangina in Cameroon by SABC was quite an exciting and enjoyable event. It was attended, among many other personalities, by the Marketing Director of Les Brasseries du Cameroun, Jacques Elimbi. Orangina was available in abundance for the hundreds of guests and gatecrashers at the occasion who greatly appreciated and embraced the product. This was done in line with the catch phrase of Orangina, which is: “Shake it, Drink it, Pulp it”. These were the words in every mouth through out that exciting Orangina night, to which understandably, SABC invited many youth.

Orangina girls at the occasion

A lot of dancing competitions were also organised at the occasion, to select the Orangina stars of the event, with the laureates all receiving handsome prizes. There was also a lot to entertain the guests at the grand Orangina night, as Les Brasseries invited some of the reigning stars in Cameroonian music, to perform.

Interesting enough, the artist who opened the night at Cabaret Anzouer Village, was the famous Annie Anzouer. Then, Makossa star, Sergeo Polo, and his dancers, took to the stage. But the Orangina star of the night, as regard artists, was the reigning Bikutsi queen, Lady Pounce. She and her dancers were real thrillers. Ecstasy stretched to breaking point in the hall, people happily shaking their bodies and their Orangina to the beautiful rhythms of bikutsi music, as well drank and pulped the Orangina.

Orangina has come to add to the impressive number soft or non alcoholic drinks brewed by Les Brasseries du Cameroun, among which are: Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, Djino, and the Tops (Anana, Grenadine, Orange and Pamplemousse), among others.

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