Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Les Brasseries Finally Hands Over Vanessa’s 2017 Mutzig Car 

By Francis Tim Mbom
Miss Vanessa Monjoa, the 2017 winner of the Les Brasseries du Cameroon Mutzig Star contest, Saturday, April 14, finally smiled home in the comfort of her long awaited car prize from Cameroon’s leading Brewery Company.
The Keys of her brand new Suzuki car were handed to her by the Les Brasseries du Cameroon Heineken Country Manager, Celestin Mbahizimana.
He was accompanied in this task by Southwest Branch Manager of Mutzig, Christoph Bitom, the Southwest Regional Manager of Les Brasseries and other officials of the company.
Since her winning in 2017, Monjoa had to wait a little longer before she was finally handed her coveted prize. She said she had become worried because even the authorities of Les Brasseries did not quite inform her of what was causing the delay.
But during the handing over ceremony in Limbe on Saturday, Les Brasseries also handed to Monjoa all her car documents. The car’s insurance certificate had already been paid; the number plate registration was already intact. The Car’s License or carte gris was already done.
This meant Les Brasseries had been taking their time to ensure that their 2017 Mutzig laureate shall not have to “spend a franc again to procure car documents” once her prize has been handed over.
During the handing over, Les Brasseries authorities made it known that the Mutzig Star contest was a veritable project through which the Company, for the last 27 years, has kept the faith and honoured all its prize awards.
They recalled that this was the competition that brought Longue Longue to the lime light and others like Emmanuel Kimbi. Thus Monjoa was the 27thMutzig Start winner.
They also intimated that the choice of Monjoa as the best was done by a jury that was headed, for the first time, by one of Cameroon’s legends in the field of soul makossa, Manu Dibango.
And it was the song, “The Boss For My Lane” that distinguished her as the best budding artist among some 3000 contestants in 2017.
“I am very happy today. It’s a privilege for me. Among the 3000 contestants, I was privileged to be the winner. So I thank God,” she said.
On the song, “The Boss for my lane,” Monjoa said she is trying to advice young girls and boys, alike, not to become depended on their girl or boy friends or partners, but to try and be dependent, first, on Christ and then on themselves.
“Girls, don’t feel that that boy is your all and all or the breath that you bread. Christ is your all,” she said.
She advised her younger mates to invest themselves in things that will give them value tomorrow.
The graduate from the Higher Institute of Management Studies in Buea was thankful to what Les Brasseries through the Mutzig Star competition has done for her.
The 23-year-old Monjoa, who hails from Bakingili, West Coast Subdivision, of the Southwest Region said she started her music career in 2012 and has two songs to her credit, “Shine Shine and “The Boss For My Lane.”
The ceremony was graced by the presence of her mother, the Regent Chief of Bakingili, Joseph Elive and the Mayor of Idenau, Gabriel Tonde among others.