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Les Brasseries Unveils The 

By Bouddih Adams — “What is the new black?” is the intriguing question Les Brasseries du Cameroun elected for the comeback of Castle Milk Stout, CMS. At a vibrant ceremony, typical of the leading brewing company in of the country, on July 5, at the Castle Hall in Bonapriso, Douala, the new black, luscious, creamy brand was unveiled. Served in a 0.501-litre portable bottle, the dark, rich, creamy and scintillating drink has a 6.0 percent alcohol volume.

Addressing the hall that was jammed to capacity, Commercial and Marketing Director of Les Brasseries, Serge Njapoun, asked the question: Who is the new black in English and French, the concluded in Cameroon’s lingua franca: “Who be the new black?” To answer the question was Master Stanley from South Africa, who described the new Castle Milk Stout, CMS as good, beautiful. “I salute Les Brasseries du Cameroun for coming up with the new black,” he intimated.

Talking about the composition and formula, Stanley narrated the story of gold diggers in South Africa in the 1800s who discovered that milk and beer can make a very enriching and refreshing drink. He said the discovery spread “to other countries, continents and the world and the galaxy.” At this juncture, a troop of workmen wearing headlamps and carrying dig axes, crow bars, hammers and lanterns, mounted the stage and performed the goal digging exercise which the sounds of dig-axes and other tools ricocheting in the hall.

Shouts of, “We have found it. We have found it,” rented the air as they faded out of stage.
Njapoun and the other animators of the evening revealed that: “There is only one Milk Stout. Castle Milk Stout is the New Black.” The over a thousand guests savoured the dark, rich, smooth New Black, served cold, in its attractive coffee brown bottles, with its name written in white against a marine blue background on a glossy gold label.

“The new black is smooth and goes down well,” a guest, Benoit Kiven, said after gulping down a bottle. Another guest, Alexis Mbappe, who said he started drinking other beers only when he could no longer find CMS, said: “I missed you. And now you come in a more portable bottle and tasting better,” he enthused. Many of the CMS fans celebrated the comeback by putting up a show of drinking and dancing while carrying the CMS bottles on their heads.

A talking drum ballet, music from South, Africa and Cameroon, musical groups like X-Maleya of Cameroon and Black Street form the United States of America, added colour the event. The cheerful performance of the artists at the June 5 occasion was a foretaste to the concert that took place on July 6 to crown the celebrations marking the reception of the “New Black” featuring Black Street from the United States of America.

First published in The Post print edition no 01445

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