Dec 15, 2017

Since the forces now shoot even innocent people to justify their daily earning of FCFA 2000, even the youths, including students, that had braved everything and stayed on, have also fled.
They are now sending Anglophones within the forces to Mamfe so that they should be the ones to be killed by the unidentified men.

It rumoured that some gendarmes have been detained here in Buea for refusing to go to Mamfe after they were drafted to go there. Others who were sent to Mamfe deliberately missed their way, just to avoid going to the ‘warfront’.

We suspect that he rather wants it to continue in order for him to appeal for money from international bodies and countries in the guise that he is using it to fight terrorism, meanwhile he is using it to sustain his regime. That is why he quickly described separatists as secessionists and terrorists.
How can your house be on fire with children dying by the day and you are going far away to discuss climate. By the way, what is all this circus about climate COP21 taking place in France when all the forests raped from Cameroon ends up in France?

I hear Ambazonia adherents are mobilising to give him a hectic time throughout his stay outside there.
My brother, terrible things are happening. Or rather, sadly pleasant things are happening. The Glass House has become very active as opposed to its passive past when the so called reps of the people went there only to clap their earnings into their bank accounts. At least, parliamentary business can now enter History books.

I said sad things because a Cee-Pee-Dee-Emm was wallanged by a name tag thrown by Cee-Dee-You. The Ess-Dee-Eff that was stealing the show and making the house hot had no casualty. I am asking myself if that is not nemesis beginning to catch up with some people for stubbornly ignoring the plight of the people they claim to represent, and are only interested in toeing the partly discipline line in order to earn their emoluments.
Besides, that, I hear the Sec’y General of the house went to his ancestors rather too early. Ngwa, are these not signs of ill omen: that the house burns with archives, a representative wallanged then now the SG dies?
How far have you guys gone with the ghost workers saga? Do you really think that your country men and women are so dull? How can you come out every year and swear to crush this ghost workers phenomenon and the following year or a couple of years after you again come out to state that there are ghost workers. Are you trying to play games like distracting the people from your bad – very bad governance?

Can’t you guys see that you have failed in every aspect of national life? For instance, November came and passed and this is December but the 500,000 computers promised students are not yet there. What kind of children are you bringing up based on falsehood and deception. Won’t they imbibe that? Anyhow, since your own children can’t shame you for all this con-man-ship, some other children have realised you and sworn they will never take anything from you again for granted. These are the children in whose hands we will entrust their and your children’s future so that your children don’t drive the country nose down to the dusty ground.

Ni Ngwa, if you guys are serious, tell me one lesson you learnt from Zimbabwe. Old Good Bob’s last days did not mean anything to you as compared to your own situation? You should remember watching him at the UN General Assembly. Remember how he was rather being walked around like a toddler – the people around him steadily ready to catch or stop him from falling.

I know you were in the El Hadj Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium, which many of your Ministers fear to call by name, to watch the cup final. I know you were close to see what I saw. Did you not see that everything was akin to Big Brother Robert making it on his feet at all cost just to give a show that he was still strong? But that show is all betrayed by the way the aides around him hold out their arms and hands in ready-to-catch posture.

What with the Mo Ibrahim gift of money one can live on and it lives after him if he voluntarily leaves power? Is that not enticing and convincing enough rather than doing everything wrong and being insulted even by your 8th generation of children who are in primary school?

This is the festive season when people clean their hearts and set things right. May the hand of the Almighty touch you guys for once and make you release the entire nation that has been held hostage for three-and-half decades.