Monday, June 17, 2019
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Letter From Buea To… Yaounde 

Dear Ngwa, What happened? It seems the guys at The Post would not post my mails to you. Hope they will, this time.

I hope you will promptly reply this mail after this long while that we have not communicated. It does not mean that I don’t know why you have been reluctant to write. It is because you are afraid to betray your hide-out. However, I hope the Hawk (or is it the Sparrow?), has not swooped on you. It is good the bird of prey is preying only within your C cabal.

Remember I had warned you to desist withdrawing huge sums of money, using as subterfuge, the bribing of our people to drop their devotedness to our struggle. You should be paying the price now.

The other day, your government mouthpiece was jabbering on the airwaves trying to convince Victoria denizens to have confidence in "security forces." That was so much provocation. How can our people be subjected to the insecurity that they lived and, instead of calling them insecurity forces, he still refers to them as security forces?

Do you know that the Olympic Gold Medallist in Wrestling is a native of Buea? Surely, you have not heard anything about her because she is from this side of the Mungo. If she were from over there, she would have been celebrated and offered a lot of gifts, including a car and a house like they do to stars over there. God has given us talents and natural resources. Your guys can continue cheating until when we will get up like the youths did in February 2008.

Meantime, you can exploit our petrol, refine it here and carry it to be distributed from over there, but you cannot carry our Mountain. We will, for once, support the Wonder Boy of Buea, to ask your guys to leave the mountain alone. Or do you intend to send the BIR to come and kill us and carry the Mountain away to Yaounde? Ephasa Moto will pay them in their coins – someday.

I hear the play-play minister was busy shuttling between Jonas Savimbi’s ancestral lands trying to match expenditure with receipts, after your poor show there, and gave the Race of Hopelessness to that tactless young man who messed up things. Has he put his act together, yet?

Did you hear the scribe of your chop-chop party? He said it is wrong for citizens in the Diaspora to sue your master. Yet, you people are appealing to them to invest back home. You people are shameless. Anyway things are not going to be the same again. Say hi to Manka and the children. Remember to send them over here when the Hawk comes circling overhead.Endeavour to stay out of trouble – though.
Bye. Yours Mbella

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