Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Letter From Buea To Yaounde 

Dear Ngwa, you must be quite pleased with yourself now, having gotten the rest of the days and the entire world back to yourself. Happy men’s world!

You demonstrated so much revulsion for women in your last mail. However, I don’t wish to imitate my neighbour who gave his wife a "carte blanche", including and open cheque which she dutifully used to purchase love from another man. Boh, you guys are wahala oh! How do you really do it that the people are so quiet about your madness? You guys are great Aristotelian students; you spend FCFA 11 billion to recover FCFA 1.2 billion? It seems Cameroonians, I mean the taxpayers, will have to set up another Epervier to catch Epervier.

I don’t know if you understand what I mean. Take for instance that you want to recover Ondo Ndong’s alleged FCFA 50 billion loot; how much are you going to spend? FCFA 500 billion to recover FCFA 50 billion? Anyway, what other way of spending money that the masses don’t seem to need. Otherwise, the press could have been the right estate of the realm to watch Epervier. But you guys instead are eager to clamp down on the press for exposing these malpractices. In any case, the people have the final word.

Indeed, who really does good to this funny country of yours? Is it the state officials gnawing at the very fabric and unity of the nation; or the guys pointing out the mess for everyone to see? Is it Frogs or the Anglos? Is it La République or the Southern Cameroonians? Is it those in government or those on the opposition? Well, you guys can continue the way you are going until the D-Day comes.

How much have you bee given for the so-called anniversary of your chop-chop party? How much will be used for hiring truck-loads of poor people from the squalid rural areas to and swell the numbers for the sweet eye of the camera? I hope I am not asking too may questions.
This side of the Mungo, we are contemplating celebrating April 6 which reminds us of what should have been as opposed to what is. Of course we will, again, mourn on May 20.
Greetings from Namundo and the kids.
Sincerely, Mbella

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