Friday, May 24, 2019
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Letter From Buea To Yaounde 

Dear Ngwa, how was your journey back from up country? I hope you met Manka and the kids in healthy stead. I met Mokake ready to go back to school after two weeks at home but I hadn’t his pocket allowance. And when I think of the way you people were lavishing money in drinking spots at Pa Ndeh’s funeral, with no splint of sorrow in your eye, the more I think your mission up there was to cache your master’s political interest.

By the way, how much change did you bring back from the funeral? I saw you guys doing what you know how to do best: grabbing big and grabbing fast. You guys are bad, indeed. How do you play tricks even over a funeral? If it was an attempt at shedding crocodile tears, you guys are as bad in acting. The show was so porous that it betrayed your collective mission.

As someone asked, why would you guys not raise monuments for the founders of the La Republique’s first political movement which was branded a terrorist party, in the first place, but would hurry to give an official burial to Pa Ndeh who joined it later? Who wouldn’t see that you guys are looking for means to pacify the Bamenda man so that your headache of state can ride over their heads when he comes visiting? When exactly is he going up there? With all the tropical forest of guards around him, does that still have to be a secret?

Meantime, I hear he is going to grant the University of Bamenda. I also hear that he has decided to put the university in Santa, his main opponent, Pa Ndi’s home town, so as to convert die-hard S militants into C and earn their support. But let me warn you: know that the Bamenda man is very "bamendrous" and may take the university and still vomit your "natural" candidate and king. Or is the king going to get the gangster of special and evil missions to turn water into wine?

I, in one out of very rare occasions, listened to your master’s voice to hear if they would say anything about the court appearance of Polycarp. But, due to their usual sequence of putting Ministers’ parochial interests in front of human interest stories, I switched off. However, I switched to the radio that claims to have equal days and nights, because in their news they, to an extent, do what they are taught in social communication.

Why would you guys draft 40 gendarmes to take a helpless man like Polycarp to appear in court? What are you trying to communicate? That he is a V.I.P (very important prisoner)?
Are you going to allow Lum to marry that embezzler you showed me up there? What happens if the guy ends up in prison? May be I am asking too many questions.
However, I hope to have answers in your reply to my mail.

Say hi to Manka.Yours Mbella

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