Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Letter From Yaounde To Buea 

Dear Mbella,

I shirked my responsibility last week for obvious reasons. A pall of darkness fell on the academia when Yanou trailed B.B. Unlike the latter; he was yet to launch The Disgrace.
I am afraid the Ongola masters might have invited this fine don and celebrated critic; saying in all vengeance that “Je l’embrassemaintainant pour l’etouffer”. This statement from the French dramatic piece, Britanicus, fits neatly in the context. That Tuesday looked innocuous at its prime, but it turned out to be a grief-stricken day. It was weeping and wailing here in Ongola that: the fine lawyer had imitated what B.B. and his team did in 2007. That dramatic exit murdered sleep. Anglicans in Ongola can sleep no more. Shock and consternation was the mode.
From the look of things, the historic town of Edea is where Anglican heroes go to die. But, let peace not die among the wig-wearing men and women. The winners and losers should close ranks for the health of the profession and the general good.

They must strive to be each other’s keeper at these trying moments in which the atmosphere reeks of earthly demise. Many people of the trance world seem to ignore the very stubborn fact that it is the Almighty who decides when, how, and where every creature checks in and out of this wasteland of sin.
If it were otherwise, Mbella, the very mighty Roland and the voluminous freak soap boxer would have told that callous reaper called death to wait for a while. As they took their decisions to savour the health facilities in France that ordinary Cameroonians do not have, the Almighty decided otherwise. They will be food for the worms very soon, swelling the biblical aphorism that life is all useless, vanity.

Mola, I have always told you that if hypocrisy were made a sellable commodity, we would certainly get out of the economic doldrums. The melodrama that was acted in Lekie against Boko was not well rehearsed. It was poorly directed; otherwise the organiser of that show would not have spent his time laughing heartily throughout thedemonstration.
Does one laugh in all rhapsodies in the face of a dangerous enemy? No! Any normal person should wear a battle-ready grimace in such a situation. Wearing a collected and jovial countenance betrays the fact that one is just playing to the gallery. It was a U-turn from the sweeping accusation that the Magidas were stoking the flame and swelling the ranks of the hoodlums. But what is clear is that the hoodlums will run but will not have anywhere to hide. The Idriss guys are chasing them right into Jonathan Bad luck’s backyard.
I know our monarch did not feel like moving away from the warmth of his Marie Antoinette,Mbella,but, was so embarrassing that, the Ali was discussing the Boko insurgency in his absence. Ali had to wade in to hold briefs for his late father’s friend.

Mola, we must be very careful because the most common currency now is terrorism. It is even in football for what the Bamilike man, Finke, did to Clinton Njie, is worst than an act of terrorism. Is it true that Finke asked the boy to give him kussa before he could be fielded? The revelation in the social media is really disturbing. One would need to go up to heaven and beg God to give this ngolaan incorruptible coach, who will do a just selection so as to bring back the past glories of the Lions.
Let’s keep ourselves posted.

Yours sincerely Ngwa