Sunday, November 18, 2018
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Letter From Yaounde… 

Dear Mbella, I simply laughed when sycophants keep paying lip service to the fight against corruption. Corruption is like water, if you avoid drinking it, you will either use it in cooking food, washing dresses or take a bath with it. It is now clear that corruption is omnipresent. I am gathering ideas to pen down my own version of ‘In God’s Name’, just to lay bare the embezzlers in Christian garments. Who has the moral authority to blame who in this whole thing, Mbella?

You can’t run away from corruption in public to hide in the church because it is worse there. The vows of chastity and poverty have been thrown to the dogs. That is why embezzlement and mismanagement have become norms in the house of God.

Church embezzlers browbeat, intimidate and threaten anybody who wants to expose them. The Pope, the Moderator, the Secretary General must hear this; that this men of God are at each other’s neck over money and women. The story is being told of this church Igwe in Ongola who was involved in a serious accident, but could not go unconscious until he grabbed his brief case that was loaded to the brim with banknotes.

We need to pray hard for our sins to be forgiven. We can’t live in this country as if God was nonexistent. So, even when we worship our C god, we need to turn around and beg for forgiveness for having looted the public till and rigged the collective aspirations of the people.

Since there was a beginning, Mbella, there will be an end. Once the all powerful Adjilo was born, Mola, he was bound to die. The main cause of death is birth. If you do not want to die, do not be allowed to be born, in the first place. The truth is that you start dying gradually the day you were born. When death comes calling, life squirms in the shadows. And the truth, my brother, is like a glittering star. You cannot shroud it.

No matter how long the gullible courts continue to offer impunity to the murderous oaf on a platter of gold, the truth is around will continue glittering. Falsehood is like pregnancy; you cannot conceal it for long. But what is clear is that, the impunity that the cannibal is enjoying is like an aphrodisiac for him to kill more innocent souls. By his killings, he has elevated himself to death itself. But death, be not proud, for thou shall die.

By letting loose the murderer, the turn coats showed their limits; that they are toys which looters of our treasury can come and play with at anything. I would not care a damn narrating the cruel death of the most talkative zombie nor recount to you the adventures and the demise of Hon. Mbutuku, but I can see the beginning of the end. Nemesis is already rolling out the drums to feast the melancholic exit of the scoundrels and sadists who feed on human flesh and drink human blood.

In the circumstances, Mola, the truth cannot be a lie; the truth can only be itself. Anchang Wain Gwellem did not choose to go home now. Thus, going home to your father is the ultimate end and that must be drafted as part of your inevitable agenda. It is a wasteland because the demonic agents have chosen to live for themselves and not for the Lord and when they die they die for themselves.

Even before Pentecost, the Holy Spirit seemed to have descended upon the Fon of Bande last week, when he divorced from his normal political cant and chicanery to "shame" the political conmen who were inflating registration figures in order to set up their rigging paraphernalia in the upcoming fraud.

The chorus is: "It is the beginning of the end," especially because Nicholas and Husein want the sit-tight nonagenarians, octogenarians, septuagenarians and sexagenarians to quit the scene for a new order. Let the senile grandfathers go… let them go. Like every good Cameroon, Mola, double-talk is my game, but I do not double-deal. I have spoken my mind only to you. Let the central committee not hear this.

Yours Sincerely, Ngwa

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