Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Letter From Yaounde… 

Dear Mbella, for once, I subscribed fully to the ideas you mooted in your belated reply to my letter. There are enemies in the house; otherwise My Garri would have given a second thought to that controversial decision. He should have, in the first place, learnt to allow his pen precede his mind in taking that decision.

By the away, I want My Garri to tell us whether the three ghastly accidents that claimed several lives happened in the night? This is the handiwork of a detractor who wants to incite revolts against the Chairman of our great national party and natural candidate. How else would you explain that at a time all living and non-living things are fighting for the re-election of His Excellency next October, someone could afford to do this?

Stopping people from traveling by night and carrying out their businesses is like stoking the fires of a conflict that can only work against our electoral ambitions. One thing is clear, that no matter what happens, the Baba Tourés cannot derail the big national support for our god-sent candidate.

By the way, our love affair with My Garri is gradually weighing out. He can now go because he has outlived his usefulness. He is now more of a liability to us. Even if he were still very useful, it would still be good to nod him off and make full use of our songbird Minister whose lips are full of encomiums to the grand master of the New Deal.

Mbella, nobody can frustrate our ambition to let our grand master remain at Etoudi for life. Our aim is to do everything including stuffing of ballot boxes. Any rigging in favour of the big man cannot be considered as electoral fraud. Somebody must be a dunce to organise an election and lose it. Also, it would be the worst form of insanity if those our militants at ELECAM think that they can turn around and bite the finger that feeds them.

Political wisdom holds that ELECAM cannot allow any other person to win the election other than the person who created it. That is good logic because any fraudulent and opaque management of elections to serve the big man is transparency. By extension, any wrong done around the big man is a right.

Only the big man savours that undying virtue of infallibility. That is why he has created CONAC, the Audit Bench of the Supreme Court, the National Financial Investigation Agency, the Supreme State Control and the national anti-corruption units in the various ministries.

That is why the President must hear about the rackets that characterise the admission of students into ENAM. The President must hear that the appointee and his deputy are taking FCFA 8 million to admit students into that institution. The son of Mvondo must hear that corruption, which he is trying to fight everyday, has become a virtue to the demons of greed in that school.

I must warn journalists not to dare talk about the fraud before the Presidential nod. If they try, the police will quickly arrest them and the courts will charge them of attempted blackmail, and jail them.

That’s what happen to two journalists when they pried into the stinking cupboards of the corruption demons in that training ground of white collar bandits. I see that as a vicious attempt to discourage people from voting to enable grand camarade succeed himself at Etoundi.

Let us make it very clear to those detractors that anybody who stands on the way of the re-election of the President will be crushed and forgotten. The great national party is also calling on people who have paid money to be admitted into that school to own up or dance to the music when the time comes.

The struggle as to who contributes more money for the campaigns is on. Yang, Baba, Njong, Shey, Ama, Fuh and others are in an onslaught to outdo each other in that act of misdirected charity. When the drumbeat comes to a crescendo at Abakwa, many heads will roll in the fight of the graffi financial titans. Well Mbella, do not say anywhere that I said all of these. After all, it is my mouth which said it, not me.

Yours sincerely, Ngwa

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