Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Letter From Yaounde — Dear Ngwa, when I saw your reply to my letter, I was up-beat that you were going to give explanations to the issues I raised. Remember your high-sounding opening: “We must not kill the burning epistolary spirit in us, especially at a time that Farama has taken the art of letter-writing to the high heavens.

It was an unnecessary communication comatose that truncated the free flow of ideas. The devils of the status quo savoured the moment until the Holy Spirit touched you. It must be admitted that we were all seduced by circumstances to idle the pen. Only the subverts were in a bliss, churning out hate literature about Nnom Gui and his chindas.”

But the body of your letter was sheer bunkum as you made half references to the issues, half truths and merely skirted around most of them. The real issues were left unanswered.

For instance, why did you not answer the question of the whereabouts of National Mafor Chantou? At least you were not hearing it from me or for the first time that her absence on May 20 and in Nyabizan where she would have sat by the Nnom Ngui smiling and clapping like an excited nursery school kid has sent the rumour mill working at full throttle.

Some say she is expecting another sibling whose author is doubtful. Some say she has fallen out with her man because of the disgrace Farama’s epistle evoked on him. Yet others say the matrimony has simply collapsed and so on and so forth.

The transformation of her Foundation to a State-owned institution, they say, lends credence to their conjectures. Why has your man transformed it only now? How was it run since its creation? On what budget was it running? If you don’t answer these questions, don’t bother writing to me.

Now, your man has confirmed that we west of the Mungo are not part of his kingdom, but only part of his plantation. When he announced that Cameroun will be a huge construction site (whatever that means), some of my fellow Southern Cameroonians rolled out their drums and danced and sang themselves out of energy hoping that the projects he has promised time without number in his 30 years of reign would finally see the light of day. 

Look around and see if there is any project going on akin to the Garoua-Boulai road, the Kribi Seaport, the Lom Pangar – just to name a few. What about the rehabilitation of airports? Is there any business like that on this Anglo-territory?

The gods of our land have caught up with the Lion man. He announced the so-called unification celebration to hold here. But, up to this moment, nothing is going on – no projects, no development. If any of you Anglo hirelings can’t see the writing on the wall, don’t say we did not warn you, when the time of reckoning comes.

The house is on fire. Rather, the boat is sinking. If I were you, I would jump boat now before it is too late. Sell all those houses that you have built over there and come back home to BSC. You can also sell the two in Victoria, the one in Tiko, the three in Bamenda and stay with the tree here in Buea. Give the one you bought and the other you built for rents and live in your recently built one which is so luscious. At least, it is befitting for a man who held such an important service.

The Law of Karma is, indeed, very constant. It is catching up with you guys. Hear how the weaver bird whose caging should have come sooner than later went on the airwaves to state that the money that should have been paid to victims of the 1995 plane crash is in the State treasury.

Haba! Wallahi tallahi! Doing what there since 1995? Shubajo? Anyhow, I hope that one of these days he will announce how much interest it has accumulated and that family members of the victims should come and take their dues plus the interest.

He tried to be more CPDM and than CPDMists. He may soon be cell mates with Farama whom he sought to spite. As I said, if you are not ready to provide answers to these questions, don’t bother to reply. Say hi to Manka’a and the children.

Sincerely, Mbella 

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