Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Letter From Y’de to Buea 

CameroonPostline.com — Dear Mbella, I decided not to fall into the trap of your anti-establishment ranting. By asking those questions, you did not re-invent the wheel in that gibberish of be-labored political clichés.

 Since we must go by Nom Ngui’s piece of aphorism; Je ne commente pas sur les commentaires. You must now be choking with jealousy that I can freely stand my own in ‘Le Francais Parisien.  Mola, take it or leave it, this is the language of power, that lingo of manoeuvre that takes you right into the bowels of Essingan.

Not that Farama who stirred commotion in the dock the day after Sunday, stole anything. By the way, who in this country has not licked his or her fingers from the proceeds of corruption? I stand now like the son of man, and ask anybody who is not guilty to raise his or her finger.

Let’s call the truth by its name, Mola!  Corruption here is like water. If you refuse to drink it, you will certainly use it to wash your dishes, dresses or use it to clean your house. So, you can see that the disease that is taking a toll on our economy is an inevitable evil. Farama’s crime is the very undoing of his Macbethan ambition.

The story goes that some three witches prophesied to him that he will be king of the triangle. That was some kind of ambitious aphrodisiac that fuelled his libido for power.

In his hallucination, he saw himself pulling out the dagger to send our very own “king Duncan the Meek” to an earlier grave. His ambition leaped and he wished that that hallucination scene becomes reality. In his imaginary world, he already saw himself as the king and refused to join the panegyric of “the people’s call’ on the king to live as long as Methusellah.

Mola, even the other day in the dock, he carried himself along in a majestic presidential manner. Tell me why he should not be allowed to rot in the dungeon even if he is still threatening to go on the epistolary rampage?

Now, see what the letters have done to that clown … that “Wudu Wakari” and a “chop-chop” who is passing around for the “Porte parole of Kwifion.” He will be caged in the coming days for cheating the dead, orphans and even eating the baby’s food when that flying iron careered down to “thy kingdom come” in 1995.

In a feast of sadism, his collaborators are already rolling out the drums in anticipation of the advent of the Sparrow Hark. With a sparkling dental formula, the wadjo has continued to grin in difficulties. But the obvious is there for every one to see since Nom Ngui’s anti-graft will not even spare the one who is sweetening his emotions in the dark room agenda.

Let me also tell you that the Fon of Abomu was where Chief Ebong’s ego was cut to size, to negotiate a ceasefire with Farama on behalf of Igwe. When he hurled the fourth missile, his artillery pen fire became too dangerous for Igwe, Lolo and his Nchindas to withstand.

I hear John Bamilike is up the North to assuage rising tempers. That shows that it is not easy out there with supporteurs of le president. We can take the tempo of events from the rebuff that Hon. Gainako gave his colleague, Hon. Ninety-nine the other day at the radio. He told him to be careful the way he runs his mouth about Farama.

We do not seem to be versed with the Machiavellian bid of divide and rule. If you master that game very well, there will be no need to complain about the graffi-sawa dichotomy. What is this crab I hear about up country being left out of the annexation birthday? Sustain it because the divide and rule is where we derive pleasure from.

Let’s have the eulogy for Phillis Fien Kufoin who went home to her father the other day. We pray she walks in straight into the arms of the Almighty Father. From a divine prism, one can always notice that the day of everyone’s death is better than the day of his or her birth. We must thank God for everything according to our pantheism lessons. We must thank Him for the birth and death of everyone, Amen.

Yours Sincerely

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