Sunday, November 18, 2018
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Letter from Y’de… 

Dear Mbella, I know how happy you are after the neo-colonial powers installed their oaf and that Western puppet in that country of elephants. The man, who has been caged, is our hero for one thing. He told off the vampires who were milking that elephant country dry of its resources. That is the reason for his humiliation. The Nkassa man, who allowed innocent citizens to be killed for him to be in power, will soon face nemesis.

History will have it that he walked on human blood and skulls to the presidential palace. Take note that he who lives by the sword will die by the sword. Anyway, rest assured that such nonsense can only happen over there. We have averted any such embarrassment out here. Does it surprise you that ELECAM has nothing to do with les tendences electorales? We needed to clip the wings of that outfit of parvenus.

We will rely on "my hands are tied justice" for our October victory. We appoint them and we have all the means of blackmailing them if they do not want to play ball. Grand Camarade will succeed himself scot-free when the time comes. We will use these six positions in ELECAM to win international support by giving them away to the so-called opposition. After all, the "S" parliamentary fraternity is too comfortable to embark on any fight now. They are concerned with what to put in their pockets. I am very sorry for Johnny, who is surrounded by self-seeking schemers, financial warriors and Machiavellian politicians.

The truth is that they go back to the villages during elections to beg for votes, but when they grab the grants, their immediate families and their stomachs become the real constituencies. We now have a subtle way of handling our hungry enemies, but not so with the Mbanga musician. From every indication, the man did not learn any lessons in the dudgeon. Let him dare oppose our next constitutional amendment and see what will happen to him. We will soon amend the constitution to read as follows: "The President of the Republic never dies".

By the way, Mbella, I am not yet done with the Nkassa man’s killing of citizens in the land of elephants. Who tricked the man who is telling useful lies on behalf of his country in Cameroon? Who stole his phone in Bafoussam, extracted information from it and told the Waterman camp, that he was communicating with Gbagbo?

Mola, we need to warn the devils in kabas for derailing those weak-minded men of God. When I was growing up, I did not know that the very reputable CWA would be admitting street walkers in their midst just any how. Why did that wench convince the priest to strip off the cassock, just to dump him afterwards and start doing it with another victim? You see, the devil is at work. He keeps telling the men and women of God to scorn the vows of chastity and poverty and go for carnal food and the amassing of wealth. 

In a sheer show of greed and respect of the lechery law, Rev. Saul did a round of that family. He started going there for food only. But very soon, he started eating with a "fork". Onlookers urged him to behave well by doing one thing at a time. It was too late because his emotions had overcome reason. He kept on eating with a "fork" until a scandal brewed out of the place.

We are not inhuman; we know that there are homeless and helpless people in the land of the Ghogomu’s. But anybody or any group of persons stirring trouble during this electoral year, in which Grand Camarade will succeed himself, will not be allowed to enjoy an iota of impunity. That is why some political monsters, who have been enjoying impunity for decades for the simple reason that they robbed the polls for us, will face the music of justice.

Don’t you know it? Ninety-nine days for the thief and one day for the owner? The Cameroonian people will soon be delivered from the nightmares of a bloodthirsty monster. The truth is that the big man does not spare people who are a threat to his re-election. Don’t say I did not say it. My regards to your wife, Enanga.

Yrs. Sincerely, Ngwa

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