Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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Letter from Y’de… 

Dear Mbella, I am writing to you at a time that the Saviour of mankind has just risen from death. But do we have any right to celebrate Easter when it is clear that we are those who killed the Son of God through our sinful deeds? The lent period is supposed to be a time for self denial and self abnegation.

The period of lent is supposed to be an opportunity for Christians to shun earthly pleasures and abandon sin. But what did we see, Mola? Quaffing agogo, people ate everything with a fork even when les maris d’autrui and les femmes d,autrui were concerned. It was a veritable wasteland where the musical alliteration of the game of dirty years gained grounds. Conflict fouled the air as church elders continued to fight for self aggrandisement, charity gave way to false charity.

The prioress of Geoffrey Chaucer’s imagination still spoke through the nose to seduce the victim into the belly-to-belly entertainment. Everybody damned marital fidelity and did it the way it was done with Damian on top of the tree when January lost his sight. Lulu, the big man’s dog is a thousand times better than millions of Cameroonians. So what are we celebrating?  Hypocrisy, of course.

I did not care about anybody crowning an okrika an okrika messenger anywhere. The man is also okrika. And anybody who condones that act of ignominy is also okrika. By the way, I do not want us to be discussing trivialities or greedy sycophants who are ever ready to sacrifice a whole country for their stomachs. My spirits sank to the lowest ebb when I discovered that you were trying to create a negative eponym out of Gbagbo.

I can see that you are trying to enrich the Queen’s language by way of negative creativity. Though in captivity, Gbagbo has conquered neo-colonial fear and death. He is our hero;
Just imagine those western oafs who are all people of double fidelity and elastic morals, Mbella, telling our incumbent this October that he has lost elections. No, no, that one to me will be stranger that fiction. Long live the king.

I advised you to take an appointment with history by sending your own motion of support to grand camarade and making sure that it is published in The Peoples Call. Another way to become a minister is to publish the People’s Call. In the People’s Call, all Cameroonians and even foreigners, living and non-living things, want the President, the giver and taker of life to remain the king for life.

Anybody who has contrary view should be treated as an infidel who is living in the dream world. But in the figment of the imagination of those opposants, they already see themselves in power. Wishful thinking, indeed. That is how they once claimed that the immortal king had died in a Swiss hospital. They also recently claimed that the one who paid Bibi Ngota’s transport to go home, had also died abroad.

What was evening shocking was that, some of those who are very close to the duo, enjoyed the rumour, praying hard that it should turn out to be the truth. It is shame that even on Easter, the same oafs are turning the rumour mill to the effect that the Minister of the interior has escaped.

Why do you want that super minister, who has spent more than half of his life serving this great country to escape, Mbella? Someone even put it in print that the Chief of Bakingili was on the run, only to see that same Chief sitting with grand camarade in Abakwa last December. What about this scandal sheet run by one of the frogs out here…? The paper published that the former Star Building tenant was in a comma when he was actually chairing a ceremony at the conference centre. Shame to the quacks and their negative wishful thinking. My regards to Enangs and the kinds,

Yours sincerely, Ngwa 

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