Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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Letter from Y’de… 

Dear Ngwa, I am writing to you with mixed feelings. I don’t know whether it is the end of terror or the graduation from one step to the next. Obama kills Osama!!! What an apt headline? But it is not fiction. It is for real. Long live the king of terror. The American wonder boy has done it. He has just won for himself another mandate. You see, instead of asking the American populace to give him another mandate, they are now asking him to take another mandate.

That is in line with what you and I discussed; that another approach be adopted to stop terror. We said the war in Iraq and Afghanistan would not stop terror. We said that the war rather provoked more hatred for America and the West and, therefore, more terror. We observed that the Bush Texan cowboy approach of guns in both hands ballasting into Iraq did not help matters; but that the Yanks should think up another approach. Obama’s Arab name, Hussein, might have also contributed to it in a way.

My only fear is that killing Osama bin Laden is a win-win situation. They have just made him a hero. You know, with the Arabs, it is not like here, where, it is "après moi, le deluge." Bin Laden’s successor may be as bitter as or even bitterer than him. By the way, I hear the old fox and mastermind of Santa Mafia was out the other day claiming that the Lion Man is grooming a successor. If he were, we would see, no the old fox whose eyes have grown old and weary to see.

I know your man is busy writing his speech now against the eve of May 20. What yarn is going to spin again this time around? Tell him to be very careful and make sure that by that date, he would have been done with the 25 000 jobs. If not, what will he tell the people again in that speech? I have been asking you to ask him when the election will hold. He cannot keep what rightfully belongs to Cameroonians to himself and with it the date.

I am beginning to think that someone has a hand in what is happening at our Ivory Tower. There must be someone playing the young minds at that institution of learning. I also hear that some people are choosing those to be transferred to Bamenda but leaving themselves in place. If they continue their gimmicks, you should tell your so-called MINESUP, to rather transfer them to UNIBA. Meantime, we are preparing to host your Reunification celebration.

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