Monday, November 19, 2018
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Letter From Y’de… 

Dear Mbella, Detractors like you must now be very worried because Grand Camarade emerged victorious and stronger during the congress of our great national party. It’s all shame to all those who wanted him to quit the stage this early. You missed the point by talking about elections. There was nothing like elections. We simply clapped for him to sit tight on the chair.

We handpicked the Central Committee and the Politburo so that serenity and concord can continue to reign in the party. We groomed the man’s challenger from the man whose fief is the land of the rising sun to dare the lion in his very own den. And we got the rest of the world cheap because it is now known all over, that there is democratic tolerance in our party. We need to teach some of those okrika administrators a lesson of tolerance in tact.

When gainako goaled the civil society boss upcountry, he was not doing so for the common good. He was vomiting vendetta in a score-settling battle with the man who also took to the streets to celebrate some Government action. Why did the gainako not order the arrest of the civil society activist? Instead he embraced him and gave him a drink. The march he organised was the offspring of a number of legitimate grievances that TUCCA has been expressing. The gainako did not initiate dialogue to avert such a situation.

Mbella, we do not need to go far in order to identify the enemies who do not want the hitch-free re-election of our natural candidate. The greatest victim of this act of sabotage is even my soft-spoken tenant of the star edifice. There is a ploy to make sure that the post of that tenant goes back to the land of the gainakos. The ploy is to destabilise upcountry and make sure that they have a very low score for C on October 9 so that Babe can be tagged the stigma of a light weight and consequently sacked.

We now know who our enemies are. When he came, he was virtually the “nano” of Ben Johnson’s imagination. Fufu corn from Anyajua has made him ballooned to the size of ‘the Kadiye” of Wole Soyinka. Now that he has touched the tail of a lion, his arrogance will be cut to size. How could he flout instructions from the star edifice and the royal envoy?  The greatest irony is that this is happening after the peace crusader, fuelled his Lexus, traveled from Mbeng and reconciled the feuding duo.

He is kidding at a very wrong time. What is clear is that he is gradually going to meet his waterloo. Let me sound this warning to every detractor upcountry. We will crush anybody who attempts to stand on the way of the re-election of the Lion man there. Our campaign caravan is a fast moving train. Like they say in pidgin “Man lep ee lep”

That is why anyone who attempts to line his or her pockets with campaign money will be crushed. Mola, I know that embezzlement is a virtue to some of us, but this is just the wrong time to attempt to demonstrate such a virtue. The guillotine is at work, thirsty and hungry for its victims. Nobody should dare to even lick his fingers from the campaign kusa that the elite contributed.

By the way, Mbella, Cameroon is only a secular state and not a pagan state. How someone mustered that atheist audacity to slam a ban on prayers during official ceremonies in that area where heroes go to die, is stranger than fiction.

It is still a mystery how the young man at Mimboman scammed his parents of over FCFA 20 million. He claimed to his parents that he was very sick and needed to take treatment abroad. In one of the dramatic scenes, he took a drug that caused him to vomit profusely in front of his parents. He later brought in an accomplice whom he presented as a doctor.

The so-called doctor told the parents that the kind of illness in their son was very dangerous and could only be treated abroad. The parents exhausted their account, went to Njangi houses and coughed out close to 20 million. The guy grabbed the money, looked for a good hotel in Yaounde and began enjoying it. The parents soon discovered. Mbella, don’t say I told you this, accept greetings.

Yours sincerely

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