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Limbe Council To Demolish Roadside Stalls 

By Francis Tim Mbom — Limbe City Council will begin demolishing roadside stalls as from October 3, Andrew Motanga has announced. The City Council Government Delegate said foodstuff grillers and vendors will also be evicted from major streets of the city.

Motanga announced, September 19, to the prospective victims of the operation “Keep Limbe Clean” designed to impress visitors to Limbe during the upcoming Re-unification celebrations.
“Please do the demolition of your structures yourself so that you can help recover some of the roofing sheets and other materials that can be of use to you.

If you allow us do it for you, then, you shall not even have the time to pick up even a pin,” Motanga warned the people of Mile Four. He had let a team of his Council workers to Bonadikombo (Mile Four) early morning where they began the sensitisation campaign. Councillors, during a December 2011 Council session, had requested all those having houses along the major streets to paint them white before the Re-unification celebration.

Thus, on September 19, all houses by the street not hued white were marked “paint white” on or before September 30. Meantime, all dingy-looking structures, especially plank structures, were ordered to be demolished. Owners of kiosks and stalls close to the road were also asked to get rid of them. As Motanga issued out the warning, there was a general look of dejection on the faces of the people.

From every indication, thousands of those who are barely scratching a living by roasting plantains, corn, cocoyams or selling groundnuts along the streets will be divorced from their economic lifelines. The campaign of dislodging these roadside vendors began about a fortnight ago in Buea. Motanga had earlier indicated that Limbe, capital of Fako Division, will have to support Buea in hosting the Re-unification celebrations.

First published in The Post print edition no 01377

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