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Limbe Mayoral Elections: Central Committee Member Crushed 

By Francis Tim Mbom — The greatest casualty of the elections of Mayors and deputies of the three Subdivisional Councils in Limbe was the incumbent Mayor of the Limbe III Council and Member of the Central Committee of the CPDM, Samuel Esebou Mokate.

On October 14, following instructions from the Central Committee of the CPDM, Councilors-elect of the CPDM-won Councils all over Cameroon went into conclave, prior to Wednesday, October 16 elections, and did an in-house primary election. During October 14 exercise in the Limbe III Council, incumbent Mayor, Esebou Mokate defeated his main rival, Isaac Inongho Dalle by some 13 votes as against 12. So, Esebou presumably had a sound sleep that he was on his way back as Mayor of the Limbe III Council to serve in a second mandate.

But on Wednesday, October 16, the tides changed against Esebou who is a Substantive Member of the Central Committee of the Party. Dalle, who had served as Mayor Esebou’s Deputy during the just-ended mandate and who was beaten on Monday, turned the tables and Esebou was giving a 13-to-12 votes thrashing and Dalle was declared winner and Mayor-elect of Limbe III Council. Dalle, has been the YCPDM President for Fako I Section, Limbe, for the last six years.

Limbe I

In the Limbe I elections, Rodanny Mbua Mokako emerged the winner by a wide margin of 21 votes in his favour as against two and one void. During the Monday, October 14 election, Mokako edged off John Manga Williams by 14 votes against 10. Rodanny, before the elections, had been whispered in several quarters as the favourite choice.

But The Post gathered that a lot of lobbying, nevertheless, went on behind the curtains for the battle seemed to have been pretty stiff with none of the two willing to let go. During the July 12 selection for who to head the CPDM list in Limbe I, it was the toss of a coin that had to decide that Manga be the list leader.

Manga and Mokako, who was the Acting Mayor of the Limbe I Council after Dr. Daniel Matute ascended to the position of Senator, had been heading separate lists. But on October 16, the Limbe Councillors decided that Mokako be the Mayor. Mokako shall be assisted by Henry Motomby and Mrs Beatrice Ndongo as First and Second Deputies, respectively.
One Councillor Dies

The Limbe I Council election was done in the absence of Councillor Patrick Ntoko Nkwelle, who was reported to have died on Monday, October 14. He is said to have been sick and finally succumbed to death on Monday.

Limbe II

At Limbe II, Councillor Felix Dieudonez Seppoh, who had been sizzling with ambition to be Mayor before the elections, failed to prevail. The Incumbent, Duncan Molindo, was re-elected by 15 votes to 10 for Joseph Elive Molongo who was proposed by Councillor Seppoh. The Limbe II Mayor elect, Molindo, promised to carry on with the development of the Municipality which is host to Cameroon’s lone oil Refinery. He shall be assisted by Francis Molongo Ewongo and Nanga Ndome nee Ngale as First and Second Deputies.

In Idenau, the Councillors overwhelmingly elected businessman, Gabriel Tonde Lifanje, Mayor. Emmanuel Penda was elected to assist Tonde as the First Deputy while Susan Zumafo will serve as the second Deputy. Tonde is taking over command at the Idenau Council vacated by Chief Ephraim Inoni’s younger brother, James Esange Elonge, who had served as Mayor for well over 16 years – since 1997. The out-going Mayor, was not present during the election.

SDO’s Caution


The elections were presided at by the SDO of Fako, Zang III, who cautioned all the newly elected Mayors to immediately get to work. He urged them to know that they have been elected to work as a team and not in disperse ranks. While congratulating the winners, he advised the losers that “every one could not be a Mayor. You need to join hands and work with the elected mayors as one for the sake of the populations that elected you all,” he enjoined.

Women Relegated To Second Deputies

In all the Councils in Limbe and Idenau, some women were visibly not happy about the geopolitical alienation of the women to the position of second deputies in all the councils. Some women argued that women, at least, should be given an opportunity to be mayors too.

First published in The Post print edition no 01471

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