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Littoral SDF Crisis: October 16 Election Pits Nintcheu Against Kumase 

By Joe Dinga Pefok

Hon Nintcheu bracing up for another mandate?

Hon Nintcheu bracing up for another mandate?

The Head of the SDF National Executive Committee, NEC, team for the reorganisation of the basic organs of the party in the Littoral, Senator Jean Tsomelou, has confirmed that the overdue election for the bureau will finally hold on Sunday, October 16.

Senator Tsomelou, who is also the SDF Interim Regional Chairman,said the remaining Electoral Districts and Divisional Coordination that have not yet been reorganized would all be reorganised, October 8-9.

Tsomelou has vowed that come rain or shine, the protracted reorganisation of the Littoral SDF, which was started in 2013 by the SDF National Reorganising Secretary, Ferdinand Asapngu, must end this month.

On the argument by other candidates in the Littoral race that Hon. Nintcheu is not supposed to contest, Tsomelou said Nintcheu is free to run for re-election.

He said NEC dissolved the Nintcheu-led bureau because they were seen to be interfering with the organisation of elections in Littoral. But he said before NEC took the decision to dissolve the bureau, Nintcheu had already declared his intention to run for re-election.

Tsomelou also explained that Nintcheu did not face the SDF Disciplinary Committee and so NEC could not bar Nintcheu from running for re-election.

But the Chairman of the Bonaberi Electoral District, John Ndangle Kumase, who is also a candidate in the regional election, like Celestine Djamen and Abel Elimbi Lobe, disagrees with Tsomelou’s position.

Kumase, former Mayor of Douala 1V Urban Council, has questioned the sense behind the Article 18.8 that NEC slammed on the Nintcheu-led bureau leading to its dissolution if Nintcheu is to be allowed to run for re-election .

Asked if Djamen in the face of an alleged scandal committed by him will be allowed to run for the post of Littoral SDF Chairman,Tsomelou did not give a clear response. He, however, said Djamen has some questions to answer.

As for the complaint that Djamen and Elimbi Lobe raised at a joint press conference in Douala on September 21that the registration fee of FCFA 400,000 is too high, Tsomelou said it is ridiculous for any person who wants to be Chairman of the Littoral SDF to complain that the amount is too high.

Elimbi Declares Candidature

SDF’s 1st Assistant National Secretary for Communication, Abel Elimbi Lobe,a councilor at the Douala V Urban Council, last weekend declared his candidature for Chairman of the Littoral SDF.

Elimbi was the only candidate who faced incumbent Nintcheu at the last election in 2009.His declaration to contest came as a surprise to many reporters because when he appeared with Djamen at the joint press conference on September 21, the impression was that he was supporting Djamen.

Even Djamen expressed surprise when Elimbi announced his candidature.

It is worth noting that the camp opposed to Nintcheu backed Elimbi’s candidature for the post of Chairperson of Douala V Electoral District.

But at the last minute Elimbi dropped out of the race, accusing the then Regional Chairman of the party, Hon.Nintcheu, of having brought in fake delegates to the Elective District Conference to vote for his candidate, Rodrigue Carlos Ngoualem.

Opposition Camp Weakened

Elimbi’s entry into the race now brings to three the number of candidates from the camp opposed to Nintcheu’s leadership. There were initially six aspirants in the camp. They chose Kumase as their candidate.

But rather than support their camp’s choice, Djamen and Elimbi have instead declared their candidatures.

Djamen and Elimbi, who are known to do their politics over private TV and radio stations, are likely to end up as spoilers, to Nintcheu’s advantage.

Elimbi is also infecting a controversial idea into the election; that election to the post of the Chairperson of the Littoral SDF should be reserved for Sawas. He has asked whether a Sawa can be Chairman of the SDF in the West or Northwest Regions.

In reponse, Kumase retorted by asking whether any Sawa has ever put his candidature for the post of Regional Chairperson of the SDF in the Northwest or West Region, and it was rejected.

Nonetheless, Elimbi insists that Nintcheu as a Bamileke has been Littoral Regional Chairman for 12 years, and that neither Nintcheu nor any other Bamileke has to be candidate again.
Sawa Influence

In addition to Kumase’s Sawaness, he alleges that the decision of Elimbi to declare his candidature was taken at a village meeting. He, however, noted that there are very few Sawas in the SDF. He said a majority of Sawas are CPDM.

Kumase then questioned the interest of Sawa CPDM elite and militants to discuss and take decisions about candidatures in the SDF elections.

Another controversy about Elimbi in the SDF is that he has for some time now beendodging NEC meetings,apparently to avoid being scolded by the SDF hierarchy for some provocative declarations that he has made recently.

A Deputy Mayor at the Douala III Urban Council, Achiille Momo Azemba, who is on Nintcheu’s list for the election of new Bureau, recently declared over Equinoxe Radio that having deliberately kept away from more than three consecutive NEC meetings for no tangible reason, Elimbi is no longer supposed be a member of NEC.Yet, he wants to be the Regional Chairman of the party.

Meanwhile, Elimbi Lobe has complained that Kumase has been the Bonaberi District Chairman of the SDF for 25 years and is supposed to be stepping aside for younger people.