Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Longue – Longue Jailed In France 

By Orock Eta

Cameroonian – born singer, Longue – Longue, his real names Simon Longkana has been jailed by a court in Bordeaux, France. Information gathered have it that the artist allegedly raped  a minor, five years ago. At the time the girl was 17. In 2005, Longue Longue’s former wife, Chantal Mbassi, filed a complaint in court, accusing him of raping her 17 year old niece.

The artist refused the allegations, saying it was in an attempt to taint his image and career. As the matter went to court, Longue – Longue was arrested and detained for three months. He was later released on a FCFA 5.5 million bail and the court gave the artist permission to return to Cameroon.

It was alleged his release was influenced by Samuel Eto’o fils whom he had dedicated one of his tracks to. For five years, Longue Longue went about his business in and out of the country. Two weeks ago, he performed at a local nightclub in Buea.

While on a trip to France the high court in Bordeaux on September 16, gave a verdict which sentenced the artist to 10 years in prison. His lawyers say they will file an appeal in the days ahead.

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