Monday, May 20, 2019
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By Maxcel Fokwen
Police in Kumba recently swooped on a mad man Christopher Ndeba, aka, General and got him “decently” thrashed for insulting the cops.
Ndeba was sitting in front of the former taxation building when a group of four officers of the Rapid Intervention Unit better known in French as ESIR dragged him into the police compound adjacent to the former taxation office.
The mad man was forcefully stretched and beaten repeatedly as he struggled unsuccessfully to free himself from the firm grip policemen. He was handcuffed, his legs  firmly held  while another pulled down his jeans trousers, giving room for a fourth cop to give him what onlookers described as the kind of thrashing that might end up curing him of his insanity.
The act attracted hundreds of Kumba city dwellers who questioned without answers what a madman had done to the police officers.
Before the cops caught up him and beat Ndeba, the madman had been noted for shouting at the policemen, threatening to “dismiss most of them from duty”. To others, the madman was in the habit of promising to strip them naked and suspending their salaries subsequently.
Quizzed on their bestial action, one of the cops who took part in the beating exercise but refused to be named told reporters that, in policing lingo, what they did to the ‘General’ is known as community policing.
The cop said, Ndeba had been long noted for disturbing them, reason why they “calmed down his madness” by way of a snake beating.
However, most of those who witnessed the beating that morning said it was, by all means, an act of human rights violation committed on an unfortunate man that is out of his mind and therefore, not in control of his senses. 

But madness or no madness, the “community policing” seems to have had its impact on Ndeba. Ever since he was thrashed, he has no longer been heard insulting the police nor threatening to strip them of their ranks. He now goes about rather quietly, only complaining of the blistering pains on his buttocks. 

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