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‘Malaria No More’ Embarks On Community Based Anti-Malaria Campaign 

By Nformi Sonde Kinsai

Children displaying at anti-malaria sensitisation campaign

Children displaying at anti-malaria sensitisation campaign

Within the framework of the fight against Malaria, Malaria No More, an NGO combating the spread of the disease, October 5, carried out a clean up and sensitisation campaign in the Madagascar neighbourhood in Yaounde.

The event, which was organised in partnership with Cameroon’s Ministry of Public Health and the US based Mosquito Squad; saw a delegation from the latter taking part in the activities.

Junior and senior ambassadors of KO Malaria and a team of officials of Malaria No More led the campaign.

A highlight of the clean up campaign was the removing of a huge quantity of assorted garbage that had blocked a stream channel running across the neighbourhood and serving as breeding grounds for mosquitoes that transmit Malaria. Ditches littered with dirt in the area were also cleared by the ambassadors.

Meanwhile, a small square in the neighbourhood where the population was rallied served as the stage for the dishing out of sensitisation campaign messages, presentation of sketches and songs all geared towards creating awareness and combating Malaria.

It also served as a venue where a long lasting treated mosquito net was mounted, through which, the population was educated.

On how to effectively use the long lasting treated mosquito net and on ways of preventing Malaria, the population was told that the mode of transmission of the disease is through a bite by the anopheles mosquito at night.

To stem the spread of the disease, the denizens were told to clear their neighbourhood of stagnant water and to always sleep under the long lasting treated mosquito bed net.

Speaking to The Post at the end of the exercise, the Country Director for Cameroon of Malaria No More, Olivia Ngou, said the activity was geared at mobilising and getting young people engaged in Malaria prevention activities.

“We are out on a continuous mission aimed at educating and sensitising the population on the proper use of the long lasting treated mosquito bed nets, which were recently distributed to households by the Government of Cameroon. We intend to organise more and similar activities in many other neighbourhoods in the days ahead,” she told The Post.

Corroborating Ngou on the need to permanently sensitise the population on the proper use of long lasting treated mosquito net, the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Malaria Squad, Chris Grandpre, said their activities are alternately moving from communities to schools and vice versa.

He said they work with children in schools in an effort to combat Malaria because Malaria Squad believes that the children are the most affected by the disease.

He added that children, who are properly sensitised on the mode of transmission and on how Malaria can be prevented, would certainly take back such messages to their parents at home.

“Through that, the fight against Malaria will be very effective,” he noted.

Gadgets of all sorts including long lasting treated mosquito nets were given out to some members of the community.

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