Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Man Threatens Wife With Separation For Bleaching Body 

A woman in Mbankolo, on April 14, became the laughing stock of her husband who threatened to send her packing, if she persisted with bleaching her body.

The woman, whose name we got only as Aminata, said she decided to bleach her skin because she has, on several occasions, seen her hubby flirting with light-skin damsels, while consoling her that black is beautiful.

“I believed bleaching my skin would make me more attractive to my husband and thus prevent him from having extra-marital affairs,” she explained.

The woman who confessed that she was so impatient to see expected results, said she resolved to use immediate methods to lighten her skin, irrespective of the adverse effects that could follow and several threats from her husband.

“I was determined, like Hannah, not for the liberation of my people, but for the restoration of my matrimonial home which is of utmost importance to me,” Aminata said weeping.

Unfortunately for her, her hard skin texture proved resistant to the bleaching creams. She ended up with a mélange skin that developed an appalling coca-cola-fanta look.

“My wife now has a rainbow body made of many colours which is the handwork of gallons of hydroquinone products. She looks like half-baked cake in a quenching oven,” complained her husband, Godlove.

“The tiger skin appearance is not the only thing that irritates me, but she is now transparent like a wall gecko. My wife’s skin is so fragile that I do not desire to touch her for fear that her skin might burst,” Godlove said, adding that Aminata’s beauty now fluctuates like fuel prices.

According to him, his wife glitters like gold during the day but the night mirrors another kind of frightful and unpleasant body he does not understand.

The sad part of the story, disclosed Godlove, is that he cannot have intimacy comfortably with his wife any longer, because, the peeled skin stinks.  He added that his wife’s bosom, rather than be a source of fun has instead become a source of fright to him.

The man, who was bent on sending his wife packing, said his wife no longer wears short smart skirts when they are going out as she used to.

“She is now condemned to continually wear long dresses like a newly converted Christian and follower of a dogmatic religion,” Godlove stated.

Sarcastically warning his wife to the hearing of neighbours, he said that her body looks like that of a snake disposing of its outer shell after a sunny day.

 “I will not be there for you when allergies and skin cancers invade and ravage your skin like scavengers. It is either you let go of your bleaching creams or I let go of you as a wife”

Aminata, who could no longer contend with the insults and disgrace, challenged the man before their neighbours.

“Yes, you say I am shining as if I swallowed a bulb, are you the one providing me with money to buy my body lotions or supplying hydroelectric power to make me shine?” she questioned her husband stating that only a bulldozer would move her from her husband’s house.

By Solange Tegwi