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Manyemen Transformed By Community Forest Income 

By Olive Ejang Tebug Ngoh

The community forest in Upper Balong, Nguti Sub Division of the Southwest Region has transformed Manyemen, a small village, into a town, The Post has learnt.

A former Deputy Mayor and Councillor of Nguti Council, Mcmoi Ndi Ashu, told The Post recently in Kumba that income from the community forest has helped to build structures of their secondary school, sustains their water project and has generally improved the living conditions of the people. Ashu recounted that, since the creation of the community forest, the proceeds have accelerated the development of the Sub-division.

Ashu said a Government Secondary School, GSS Manyemen, was created in 2007 without structures, but they have used the proceeds from their community forest to build some structures for the college. He explained that even their Manyemen water project is being maintained from the profit of their forest. According to Ashu, they are devising strategies to electrify all the streets of the town, using a giant generator that government granted to the Manyemen people recently.

He expressed optimism that the electrification project would be realised from the community forest profit. The councillor intimated that the Manyemen community and Upper Balong as a whole would remain grateful to the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Elvis Ngolle Ngolle for the realisation of the community forest in the area. He stated that even their children have gained employment from the forest, reason why they would do all to preserve the community forest for posterity.

While appreciating the Minister’s efforts in the realisation of the community forest, the elite pleaded that Nguti Sub Division needs a vocational training centre for the underprivileged.
He said youth in the area intend to form a Common Initiative Group of tree planting and anti-poaching, while the women want to go for vegetable and fruits gardening. He said the Balong Community appreciates and congratulates Minister Ngolle Ngolle on his reappointment, they also lauded President Paul Biya for what he termed the confidence he has for the Kupe Muanenguba man.

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