Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Manyu To Showcase Role Models In Glossy Almanac 

By Andrew Nsoseka

Team leader of Manyu Role Model Almanac Editorial Board, veteran journalist, Robert Abunaw

At a time when societal values and norms have been heavily compromised by vices, which look like virtues, a crack team of communication professionals from Manyu, have decided to identify good role models for the younger generations to emulate.

The task to identify positive role models in Manyu, is undertaken by six media personalities from the Division.

Their hectic assignment is to produce a mega Almanac aimed at showcasing persons they strongly believe are worthy of emulation as a result of their behaviour and success.

The media gurus said “Manyu Division is now at the cross road of its history and socio-economic development.

With an International highway in motion, the apparent completion of the Kumba-Mamfe corridor and road works on the Mamfe-Lebialem-Dschang access way, as well as a possible Manyu Region in the pipeline, it is time enough for Manyu to put all ‘hands on deck’”.

According to a statement published recently, the journalists drawn from the public and private media organs are all driven by the “Watch Dog” function of the media, which is, to raise issues to the level of debate, in the market place of ideas.

Expatiating, the team leader of Manyu Role Model Almanac Editorial Board, veteran journalist, Robert Abunaw, said it is time Manyu Division takes its rightful place with positive role models showing the way forward.

To sort out those who will appear in the Almanac, the editorial board shall research to identify Manyu sons and daughters who demonstrate confidence and leadership, those who are unafraid to be unique, communicate and react with everyone, show respect and concern for others, as well as do good things outside their job.

The persons must also be credible, “trustworthy and knowledgeable. They must be people ready to learn new things, challenge themselves to come out of their comfort zones and surround themselves with smarter people.

Invariably, people who show immeasurable love for their motherland and it socio-cultural and development goals, shall feature in the glossy Manyu Role Model Almanac.”

The last time Manyu Almanac was published dates 38 years back.

The current effort to revive this historic publication, is not only to showcase Manyu Role Models, but to identify, published and store artefacts for posterity and history.